one-on-one coaching

Are you still putting together the puzzle pieces to running a thriving blog, shop, or online site?

I was where you are now not that long ago. I was unhappy with my  job and felt nearly desperate to be my own boss. My career path didn’t feel right – I was doing what I thought I was “suppose to be doing” and struggling to find happiness with a 9-5.

So how did I get out of this rut and carve a path to quitting my day job and working for myself full-time?

I DID something. I stopped chatting with my friends and family about the dream I had, and started taking action to determine how I could actually make my dream a reality.

I came up with an idea, devised a plan, and got down and dirty with what it would really take for me to leave my job. I set my goals, informed my family (accountability is important), and rolled up my sleeves. And I can help you do it too.

I specialize in helping indiepreneurs take their small business to new heights.

Even if you aren’t looking to quit your day job, turning a profit on your side biz can be a challenge.

That’s where I come in.

I will help you…

  • gain momentum by landing awesome press
  • stand out from the crowd and get your products sold
  • work through pricing + product development
  • define your target market + cultivate a loyal audience
  • create email marketing campaigns (you do have a newsletter right?)
  • brainstorm social media strategies
  • shine light on what you are doing right (so you can focus on doing more of it)
  • make improvements to existing problem areas + pain points in your biz
  • get organized + tame the overwhelm
  • and more

Whether you are just starting out and you want to get off on the right foot or youve been at it for years and need a new approach, we can work together to create a specific (and completely customized) plan of action.

I know what it takes because I have done it myself. 

Why does that matter to you? I didnt make my money telling other people how they can “make money online” or start offering coaching just months after creating a blog or online shop of my own. Nope. I have been in the trenches since 2008 working my butt off to make my business, papernstitch (both blog + website), a success. And I was able to do exactly that in less than a year – with virtually no biz background before I got started I quit my job as a high school art teacher within ten months of launching the site. I’ve landed press in national magazines (Woman’s Day, Country Living, and more) and been featured on huge websites like Huffington Post and Better Homes and Gardens.

What else will I do for you?

I will save you time.

When you are just starting out or feel stuck in the mud, seeking the help of an expert – someone who has already been there and overcome that – can be a tremendous help. Use my expertise to propel yourself forward and move past the stumbling blocks that you are facing right now.

Some people will waste months, or longer, attempting to overcome even the smallest of hurdles on their own without seeking help.

When I first started out, I thought I could do it all on my own. And I can tell you from experience, that is not the way to go. If you are willing to put in the work, I can give you the tools. Finding a support system early on can be the difference between a flailing biz and a thriving one. So even if you don’t work with me, I highly recommend seeking support somewhere.

What can you expect from me?

  • real solutions to existing stress points, issues, and problems you are facing right now
  • helpful feedback + support
  • targeted advice specific to your needs
  • and the occasional hello from my dog, Luna (you’ll love her I promise)

*Each session is catered to your business specifically. No one size fits all approach here. So we will only talk about the things that will help you get closer to reaching your goals.

Have a question about whether you would be a good fit for coaching sessions? Email me at brittni(at)papernstitch(dot)com. Subject line: Coaching Question.

Introductory Package: Laser Round now available!

Short on time? Ready to dive in? This private package is the best fit for you. This option is perfect for bloggers + shop/site owners alike.

How does it work + what will you get? This is not a standard blog or shop critique. The laser round package is designed to give you an action plan for the future of your biz. We will work together to uncover what your specific biz is in need of + find solutions to get you where you want to go. The laser round is two sessions.

Heres the gist… Youll send me a quick sentence or two via email about your current problem areas, along with a link to your existing site, shop, or blog. Then well set up a 20 minute Skype or GoogleChat call so I can ask you important questions about your biz + understand exactly what you need. After our call, I will examine your site from head to toe and brainstorm ideas based on what we discussed (solutions to current problems, ideas for building your customer base, ways to help you develop your press strategy, or whatever else you had in mind).

Then it will be time for Skype chat number two (3-7 days later depending on your schedule). During our 2nd session, which is 60 minutes long, Ill guide you through solutions to existing problems + growth ideas for the future. You are of course free to ask me anything else during this session as well. And youll also get a laser-focused action plan to put in to use after our call.

—> Investment for Laser Round Package:  $197  *introductory rate

To purchase a laser round package, click the add to cart button below OR email me at brittni(at)papernstitch(dot)com if you have any questions before your decide. There are currently 7 spots available no spots left for the Laser Round Package to ensure I can devote the proper amount of time to each client and their business. SOLD OUT!