Ooh Pretty Shiny: The World Through Laura’s Lens

Have you seen the photography of Laura Evans yet? Oh, it’s gorgeous! Laura’s photography is bright and cheerful, and each photo tells its own happy story. You can admire her sun-drenched work in her etsy shop, appropriately entitled Ooh Pretty Shiny.

Laura wants you to experience her adventures in Europe as she sees it. “‘Ooh Pretty Shiny’ says everything you could need to know about me!” she beams.┬áMy favorite photo is this ethereal scene in France, The Dreamer. And these are great too…

See more golden views in herEtsy Shop, it will lift your mood!

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oh laura is a great friend of mine and i can say that asides from taht, which might make my comment less trust worthy :p i love her work! the way she looks at things and capture them… whimsical! take care!!!


oh, i’d forgotten her work – it’s lovely, thank you for reminding me!


I like the ‘tram and ferris wheel’ photo! Well because I like ferris wheels… such dreamy photos.


very pretty indeed. i love the warm tones in her work.

Down and Out Chic

It is, isn’t it Fee?


Sure mood lifting!

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