Orange Office (done right)

2008-04-03-3workspaceToday’s Wednesday workstation is all about color in moderation. These side by side workspaces are a great example of how to introduce color to a room. The whole office feels so warm and bright. With a color like orange, which can sometimes be overpowering in a room, it is usually best to be selective. This office strikes the perfect balance by bringing small pops of orange in through various accessories around the room. And when you get tired of the color, you can easily switch the pieces out (or paint over them) with a fresh hue for an entirely different look.

{image c/o Apartment Therapy}

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I had just gotten this color paint for my room/office. And had no clue how to work around it.
This is AWESOME!
I want one just like that LOL.

Any ideas where to get the accesories and stuff? (On a budget! college student–)

This blog is amazing! Congrats!
Will add 2 my “visit” daily sites 🙂


Oh, I love orange…and neutrals…this office has mixed them both so well. The clock is fabulous!

Mary Grace Thomas

good call jan! and jessica thanks for stopping by the blog. your home is gorgeous!


Right you are, Daisy Janie. Brittni, thanks for the compliment and featuring my home office.

Jessica Jones

cute space to highlight the color orange! i’m 99.9% sure that’s the office space of Jessica Jones of how about orange!

daisy janie

Looks great in orange!

A Merry Mishap
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