Organize with Faltehalter

Blue Faltehalter and studio shot from Faltehalter, the shop

Since I have gone back to work today after being off for two months for summer, I have decided it’s time to get back to normal. And that means getting organized. After coming to this realization, I found the Faltehalter shop on DaWanda¬†and have been waiting for the right time to put it up. The products in Svea’s shop are incredibly functional and fashionable. I love that studio shot by the way. Very nice!

Images of Wallbags from Faltehalter

This is my favorite product from Faltehaler: Wallbags. You attach the wallbag to the wall with four pins and then you can fill it with all kinds of stuff: pens, rulers, jewellery, photos, notepads etc. What a great idea! This is perfect for anyone without a lot of desk (or counter) space. To see more products from Faltehalter, click here.

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Oh wow!!! Cool accessories for the office!! I shall have to test out my limited German and see if she sells to the US!

Great find!

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