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I am already thinking about what I want our Christmas tree to look like this year. Searching for ornaments, etc. And if you too are looking to get into the holiday spirit a little early this year, you’ll for sure want to enter this giveaway. Lucie of 3 Dots has generous provided this completely handmade bright star ornament as a giveaway prize. Each ornament is made and sanded by hand and adorned with glass beads. Retail value $19.


How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to three times. First, visit Lucies shop, 3 Dots, and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which ones you like most. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: If you could have any one “gift” (feel free to loosely interpret this word if you would like) this holiday season, what would it be and why? Third, twitter or blog about this giveaway or Lucie’s shop and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on November 23rd at 11:59 pm eastern time.

“¦Visit Lucie’s shop, 3 Dots for more

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I just adore the “Fallen Leaves” Necklace:

And I must say, the “Surprise Necklace” is an enticing item: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34051937

… especially since there isn’t a product in her shop that I don’t love!


I blogged about this give-away



I love Lucie’s jewelry. The December necklace is a fave (my birth month!)
The Nesting earrings are so beautiful and unique.


I love the Big rain drop earings! I love all the wood though… so beautiful.


I have a lot of wish list for the holiday, but what I’d love the most is a chance to go back to my country and celebrate Christmas with my family <3


I really really like the giveaway prize, but other than that I love this:

so unique!


I love the Garden necklace in Lucie’s shop:)


A Gift? It would not be for me, but for my daughter and her family. For all daughters really… I would love for her, and all daughters, to have piece, stability, and financial security. This goes for sons too!!


I do love wood! and beads!! both together, wow.. I think I like “Because you love squares” the best


1) Love the Irregular angles earrings, closely followed by the Let’s meet at the disco pair.

2) Time, time, time!… So I can do all the things I want to do.


I love 3 Dots shop…such beautiful wood jewelry and so unique! One of my favorites is the shooting star necklace, although I really do love a lot of her pieces. The star ornament is beautiful too…thanks for the chance to win it!

Kerry A

Entry #1 The wood pieces bracelet is lovely. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33950507

Entry #2 I would love a decent preschool place for my little boy. I live in a US city, so if you’ve read the Ivy Chronicles, you’ll understand this.

Clare Doornbos

A digital SLR camera. For now, I can only dream…..

Karen B.

The “gift” I would love most this year would be for a healthy and happy family.


I love the Long Drops Wood Earrings. How beautiful! I love the combination of nice wood mixed with a beautiful gem – I’ve never seen this combo. before and it just gives such an impact! April


I love some of the items in the shop! I especially like the inukshuk necklace, the nesting earrings, and the frozen leaves necklace!

As for a holiday gift…hmmm, I’d love to feel a little more job satisfaction 🙂



for the “Christmas” holiday i would like to have family close and a chance to “share” with one another.


Love the simple Holiday Stars
Would love to have a job by the end of year


Love the Burst necklace.
Would love to see health insurance for all by the end of the year.
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1.) The Together Necklace in blue.
2.) A fancy monster camera!!
3.) Twittered it: @LoveFeast

@papernstich RT Ornament Freebie: http://bit.ly/upnq6

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