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I am thrilled to announce that papernstitch is welcoming a new contributor to the blog this week: Letitia Burrell from Dujour Magazine. Letitia will be posting here every Tuesday from now on. And I’ll be posting over on the Dujour blog once per week as well, if you like to check it out (every Wednesday). I asked Letitia to write a few words, so I’ll let her take away. But be sure to come back tomorrow for her first post…

Bonjour! My birth certificate claims my name is Letitia, but you can just call me that Indie-handmade-Tutu wearing-cupcake obsessed girl. Well, if you’re ever in a hurry, and don’t have time for syllables, Letitia is just fine. During the day I edit and publish Dujour Magazine. During the 24th hour of the day, you can find me leading a double life on my blog Becoming Lola. I’m here on Papernstitch as a new contributor to hopefully turn my aforementioned addictions into a ‘beneficial for you and me’ gig. You benefit because I have a great eye for emerging talent, so your wardrobe and art collections will expand without too much wallet damage. And me, well, the benefit is definitely finding another excuse to window shop online…endlessly. So hope you enjoy! And if you ever want to rant or rave, feel free to send me love letters at [email protected] dot com. Ciao!

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i am super excited to hear what you have to say … especially if you feel the need to share some of your editor knowledge with us aspiring photographers! eyes peeled for tomorrows post. xx

laura Evans

This is so wonderful!!! As a tutu and cupcake fanatic myself, I am certain I will LOVE Letitia’s weekly contributions 🙂

Mayi Carles

Wow, fantastic site! Can’t wait to see the contributions and I will definitely continue to visit the beautiful blog!

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