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em paperPrintable Congratulations Card

Before I get to today’s feature, I wanted to congratulate the winner of last week’s impromptu mini-giveaway. Congratulations to lucky number 9: Asha, who said “Im in love with that TeePee fabric!!! How incredibly adorable!”. Asha- please email me to collect your prize.

Moving on- I got a lovely email from Eleanor of e.m.papers a while back and I have been anxiously awaiting the right time to post about her printable paper goods shop. Of course these days, new downloadable card shops seem to be popping up everyday, but there is a good reason for that…its a good idea!

When you purchase downloadable paper goods there are MANY benefits. Aside from the fact that you can print it as many times as you want at a fraction of the cost, you can also save paper by only printing what you need; cut down on clutter in your “catch-all room”; and use them as great last-minute gift ideas.

empapers1. Thanks Man card 2. Happiness printable bookmarks 3. 2010 Lettersize printable calendar 4. Shapes and Lines Birthday card

e.m. papers stands for “Eleanor and Molly Papers.” It was originally started by Eleanor Reagh and Molly Hart as a wedding invitation business. After a 10 year hiatus, they decided it was time to give e.m.papers another go and bring it online. And they have really turned their business into a family affair- Eleanor’s aunt, Elizabeth Reagh, has added many of her designs into the mix and Pat Reagh, Eleanor’s dad also has a card or two displayed. Love that! But what do I love most about this shop? The use of type, especially in the bookmarks and Congrad card, and the slightly modern/masculine vibe. Finally, some downloadables that I can use for anyone or anything (not just the ladies).


I couldn’t resist posting a couple of pictures of Eleanor’s home studio, which is also her hallway. Great use of space, don’t you think? For more from e.m.papers, visit their website.

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