Pair A Birds

Orson and Melba in the Field of Marshmallows

Tabitha from The Pair A Birds makes fun pieces of art rooted in an illustrative style. Compositionally, her works are strong and provide a unique point of view. ¬†And there is definitely a certain sweetness to her pieces. In her shop, you’ll find small drawings, prints, and original paintings. In addition to being an artist, this Chicago-based artist runs another shop, Pairadactyl, and she also has a blog.

1. Still Working on the Equation 2. After the Dance 3. Sink or Rise

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Haha Tabitha. You beat me to it.


That is a good question Natalie. Maybe Tabitha will see this and respond.

Personally, I think economy of line is more interesting than overworked surfaces.


Thanks for the feature.
As to where my inspiration comes from… I love the look of clean, simple contemporary design.

I think every mark and line should play an important part in telling the story. Sometimes to get a message across only a few lines are needed.

Tab of The Pairabirds


hmm…i am wondering where this artist’s inspiration comes from. each piece seems very simple and i am curious as to why.

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