Paper Cutting with Jessica Alpern

With little more than an Xacto knife, photographer turned paper cutter Jessica Alpern, combines more traditional hand cut paper arts with modern design. For a look that any generation (from Urban Outfitters to Pottery Barn) would be happy to display in their home.

As I was reading through Jessica’s profile, I found an interesting quote from her about her journey to becoming a paper artist…

When I made the switch from film to digital photography I discovered just how important physically working with materials is to my creative process. I missed the tactile pleasure of gently undulating the tray of developer – coaxing my image forth from a seemingly blank sheet of paper.

That’s when paper cutting became an integral part of my life. It is an art form that allows me to use my hands again and, just like in the darkroom, my image slowly materializes from a single sheet of once empty paper.

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Aren’t those neat Susan? I love how you can see the name of the paint colors still in some of those pieces, so you know immediately what the material is.


Jessica’s work is beautiful, and I especially like her use of paint chip cards, and how she ties the color names into the subject matter of the works themselves. What she says resonates, about missing the tactile aspect of her craft. After designing on a computer all day, when I get to pick up a pen or brush to paint or draw it is [often a literal] sigh of relief and happiness.


Yep. We are on the same page on that one Monika. 🙂


paper cuts are so sophisticated, I like them a lot and I always admire them with open mouth.

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