Paper Pusher

You push paper like nobody’s business…

You prefer handwritten letters to emails. You take notes in your notebook, not on your laptop. You write to-dos and events on a real (paper) calendar instead of texting reminders to your iPhone.

And now, you need to know about Row House 14: a handmade greeting cards, note cards, and personalized and custom stationery shop. Here’s a few more details, straight from the designer, Heidi…

All cards and stationery are my own custom designs whether they are paper cut or graphically designed. I hand cut, score, and package all of my cards and they are perfect to treat yourself or to give away to a friend.

You don’t hear of designers hand scoring greeting cards too often. And those are the kind of details that make me love Heidi’s shop. Here are a few of my favs from Row House 14 (discount code below- scroll down).

Sun and Rainy Day Clouds

Pennant Personalized Flat Notecards + Personalized Notecards on Kraft Paper

Typewriter Key Personalized Flat Notes

Discount Code: Use the code PNS10 to receive 10% off on any purchase.

Visit Row House 14 now to take advantage of your special discount.

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Oh, yes I prefer those any day! Lovely, just lovely!


A very neat design! I love it..


The chevron printed ones have gorgeous colors!

Laura {The Embellished Nest}

me too cookie cutter. from one “paper pusher” to another- i agree! thanks for stopping by!


I love the simple, clean designs.

Cookie Cutter
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