papernstitch…It’s HERE!

I know everyone is probably incredibly tired of screen shots at this point, but I can’t help it! Here is what the site looks like. Papernstitch is now up and running (fully functioning with exhibitors) and is in the softlaunch phase! This has been a long journey and I am so pleased with every aspect of it! I just wanted to publicly thank Jeff, my awesome fiance, who designed and built the site. You’re the best!

These two screen shots are of the products pages, to show the variety of products on the site (everything from earrings and clothing to artwork and notebooks). Later today, I will post about the featured shop of the day: Miss Crowland.

MORE EXCITING NEWS: Now you can participate as well! Anyone is now able to sign up, create a profile, submit a shop for future exhibitions (we are now excepting submissions for the second exhibition), and (a really cool feature in my opinion) comment on other shops and products!

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Everyones kind words of encouragement are so great to hear! Just wanted to say thank you for the compliments. 🙂


Your new shop is utterly gorgeous! I need to get back and look around s’more. Just had to tell you it’s really fantastic. I love how everything is laid out, colors, fonts, spacing, etc.. and I love the little intro from each artist. that’s an extra nice touch. Nice job you two!


looks fantastic- congratulations and I hope that i’ll be able to get myself together enough to submit my shop someday soon.


wow! This looks amazing! I’m really glad to be part of it!
Good luck to all!


It is really lovely, and I am honoured to be included with such great artists and artisans.


Really congratulations!!! You and Jeff really have done an amazing job. Well done.

Ant @ Little Story Designs

Thanks so much Morgan. Your photography is beautiful!


It looks amazing! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it!

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