Past to Present


Left. Ochre damask wallpaper lamp shade Right (top to bottom). Retro brown tote bag vintage wallpaper and Pink flowers necklace


Alright, I must profess, I am a vintage girl. I collect old home decor items, clothing, and accessories and have always been particularly drawn to the color palette of the 60s and 70s. So, when I found Draw Flowers, I flipped!


Here’s a little about Draw Flowers…straight from the horses mouth–

“My iconographical research is based on the study and reinterpretation of the past. Vintage materials, the original ’60 & ’70s wallpapers, the objects of diverse nature ( i.e. furniture, lamps, carpets etc.), found on flea markets in the course of years, and gathered and archived are an unlimited source of inspiration. I want to express the old and already made in a new and actual way. The key to it are the colours,that – drawn close to each other in different tonalities – make the design modern or less.”


Does it get anymore perfect than that? Not for someone who use to stare at her grandparent’s linoleum tile floors as a child, which was almost the exact same pattern (and color) as the lamp shade above. I can’t believe it. Visit the Draw Flowers shop here.

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That lamp is amazing.

Jennifer DeDonato

I am so thrilled to find this! I live and breathe vintage and also use vintage wallpaper to make things. These lampshades, totes, everything are so beautiful!

Michelle Wells Grant

Oh yes! That bag looks like something my mom had when she was young. The necklaces are so differnt too. I am not sure I have ever seen paper jewelry before, but I like it.


I am a child of the 70s, so this really takes me back. Thanks for the post.

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