Pen and Pencil Holder

It’s such a simple idea, but these Pen and Pencil Holders have made a big impact and have left many saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Image c/o Portia Wells website

To see so many of them all together like this makes them even more enticing! Each pen and pencil holder is found second hand by Portia Wells and then she applies the gold lettering that pulls it all together. There’s certainly no question what these vessels are to be used for now.

Dog Pen and Pencil Holder available at Greener Grass Design

This is my favorite piece that is still available. I really like the placement of the lettering on this one. So cute.

Image c/o Portia Wells website

I couldn’t resist one last image. For more from Portia Wells, visit her beautiful website here or browse available works for purchase on Greener Grass Designs.

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