Periodicals from Bird in the Hand

Sometimes, on a nice day, I sit on our back porch for a few minutes in the morning with a cup of tea and a magazine (or a book- either one). Just a little time before I start my day to relax before things get crazy. And I am hoping to make this a regular thing again, now that the temperatures are starting to drop (such a treat for it to be cool in October in Florida). So, I’m probably going to need some new magazines. And that’s where Bird in the Hand comes in.

First– I love the name. Every time I say it, it makes me think of that weird Geico commercial… “Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?” Has anyone else seen that? Its kind of funny.

And Second– Bird in the Hand has over 350 titles (magazines, ‘zines, and books) to browse at any given time. Woah! That’s probably more than I’ll need, but these two look like good reads: 1. SOHI (dedicated to creative living in the Southern Highlands) 2. Extra Curricular (showcasing people who do interesting creative projects in their spare time). What do you think?

Visit Bird in the Hand now to view all the magazines and books available.

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