Photo Love at Simply Hue

orange sparrow trunk!Image by Orange Sparrow {via Simply Hue}

Last week, I was catching up on some blog reading, and found something that caught my eye as a neat giveaway idea. For two weeks (one week down, one week to go), Vicki from Simply Hue, who you may remember from this post, will be posting images from 3-4 photographers each day on her blog. At the end of the two weeks, Christine from CB78 will be offering a GIVEAWAY of one of her camera prints.

Leave a comment on one of those photo posts and you’ll immediately be entered to win. This is the perfect giveaway for photo lovers. If you have ever seen Christine’s vintage camera drawings, you’ll know why.

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Hey Brittni, thanks so much for mentioning the spotlight on photographers. I just found this post today and didn’t even realise you mentioned it. That was sweet of you. xo

vicki (simply hue)

hey! Thanks for posting my photo to talk about Simply Hue’s wonderful photography showcase.

There is also another giveaway that she is doing with me, and I’m giving away a print of this photo! Anyone who wants to win just needs to comment!

beth (orange sparrow)

Agreed Caroline.


i only discovered simply hue a little over a month ago, and have been looking at vicki’s pretty blog daily. the photos she has been posting are inspiring! 🙂

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