Photography Giveaway: Prints by Chelsea Victoria

I was recently introduced to the photographs of Chelsea Victoria, and fell in love with her shop right away. And now, I am so thrilled that we are giving away three of Chelsea’s gorgeous photographs here on papernstitch. Three lucky winners will be chosen for this giveaway, so there are more chances for you to win! What will the winner’s receive? Well, its winner’s choice! Each winner will get to choose their favorite 8×8 print (or smaller in size). So, three winner’s- one print each, for a total of three prints being given away. Yeah!

Become a fan of Chelsea Victoria on Facebook, when you click here.

Special Offer: Buy a print this week (September 23 – 31st) and receive a free 5×5 or 5×7 with your purchase! No code necessary.

Heres how to enter”¦

You can enter up to two times and there are three ways to enter. Remember a total of three winner’s will be chosen.

1Subscribe to the papernstitch blog by clicking here and then leave a message in the comments that says “subscribed”. **Ill know if you really did or did not subscribe, so lets play fair.

2. Visit the Chelsea Victoria shop. Browse her prints and report back here (in the comments section) with the title of your absolute favorite photo.

3. Twitter or blog about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments.

**Giveaway will end on October 13th at 11:59 pm eastern time.**

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[…] I also wanted to mention that we have selected the winners for the Chelsea Victoria print giveaway. Congratulations to Claire Cooker, Janette, and Notabilia. Each of you have won a beautiful print […]

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I absolutely love the main photo featured for the Floating Through Paris – 2011 Desk Calendar! Great angle and composition and the balloons are dreamy!


I love In Wonderland #2 and I’ll Be Home for Christmas!


I posted this giveaway on my blog on my website!

Claire Coker

I LOVE “In Wonderland No.2 8×8”! Would look beautiful in my daughter’s room!
As far as I know, I am already subscribed!

Claire Coker

Love ‘Fall (in love)’! So beautiful. Also, I am SUBSCRIBED!


i think my favorite is late to the party…

Alexa Whitehead


Alexa Whitehead

They’re all really beautiful but the “Standout 8×10 metallic fine art photograph” with the golden heart shaped lights is the standout for me 🙂


oh, and i subscribe already through GR. big fan!


lovely shop! ‘something wicked’ is my favorite (photo and title). thanks for the chance to win!


I’ve always followed your blog but now I am officially subscribed. Neat-o!

As a fellow photographer, I really admire and appreciate her work. She is able to capture such a dreamy quality in her photographs, and her editing is seamless! Soo good! ‘Paris is Flying’ has to be my favorite!

Also – I tweeted about the contest…just not sure how to give a link to a specific tweet? Anywhoodle my twitter name is Caposhi, you can see it there!

Keep up the grrrreat work girl! :]
– Anastajia


Wow! They’re all *so stunning* – but ‘Love on the Way Home’ is one of my favorites – it’s just lovely. 🙂 My fingers are crossed!

Michelle Clement

they’re all so lovely, but i’m particularly fond of “in wonderland.”

Jenna/The Word Cellar

I think I’m going to have to go with “San Francisco, I love you” because I’m from the Bay Area and I love it too. But they’re all so pretty!


mmmmm…i think i love city of bokeh best…maybe…or…too hard to decide! so lovely!

jan avellana

oh boy I love so many! if I had to pick, I’d have to say “view from the tower”


I love (fall) in love!


my favorite is “paris is magic”….makes me want to get on a plane right now and walk through the streets of paris!

Lucia LaCivita


Rach W.

gosh, I love many of them, but I have been looking for something for the kitchen and I love, love, love this print titled “Blackberry”.×10

Rach W.

subscribed! (was already, but did it officially with feedburner) :).

Rach W.

I’m already a subscriber, that’s how I found out about this awesome giveaway.

I’m loving the texture in “something wicked”.

And here’s a link to my tweet –!/rsanmarchi/status/27148295648


sooo hard to choose a favorite, but i’ll go with “floating through paris.” so magical.

Megan Lane

i’m already a subscriber!

Megan Lane

my favorite print is Fall(in love) 8×10

Sydney S


Sydney S

Love these photos! Paris is Free is my favorite. I’d love to have that in my home. But there are myriad lovelies to choose from. I have already subscribed to the blog (before) and I also tweeted this giveaway this morning.


i love all the “Paris is…” prints!


I think Paris is free, it reminds me of my hometown D.C., felt it in my heart as soon as I saw it! I love them all and a wall collage would be great! Thanks for running this Brittni, so fun. CC


it is way too hard to choose, they are all so beautiful. i love up and away and through the meadow..


I just subscribed and I have to say, I am so in love with the Up and Away print.


My favorite is ‘Waiting on A Fairytale’.


I absolutely adore the ‘Something Delicious’ cupcake photo – the colors are perfect!


Gorgeous photography!! I’m subscribed 🙂


I subscribed! Love this blog! What a great giveaway!


I love “Floating Through Paris”! It’s amazing =)


My favourite is the “×5-metallic” absolute beautiful!


and I’m a Google reader subscriber, too! 🙂

Ms. T

I love the In Wonderland print. The colors are beautiful!

Ms. T

i’m also a subscriber via google reader!


Oh dear, I’m a sucker for beautiful photographs…

my absolute, absolute favorite would have to be in wonderland.




I love Paris is Magic… (because it just so is!)


I subscribed too.


Love Love Love “Poppy lullaby”


Up and Away has to be my favourite. I love Ferris Wheels and those colours are gorgeous.


Such beautiful pictures! Difficult to pick a favorite but I have to go with ‘Something Wicked’..


I absolutely love Dream. Truly breathtaking!


Just subscribed! I love this blog and I am so excited I found it! I can’t wait to start trying some of your tips!

Kara Blankenship

My favorite is “Late to the party” but it was difficult to choose!


i am subscribed!


i love a lot of the prints!! especially the paris-related ones. i would have to say my favorite is the “love is in the air” one although it’s so hard to pick just one!


Her images are so beautiful. I love the Up and Away photo, and the Cherry Blossom one!

Adventures in Dressmaking

Beautiful! I follow you

Adventures in Dressmaking

and my fave print is “through the trees” – sooo beautiful! i’d put it on my bedroom wall in a heart.beat.


i’m a subscriber!


I love the Something Delicious cupcake print. I think it would be perfect for my kitchen!


i already subscribe (in Google Reader, that counts right?) 🙂


“Up and Away” is beautiful. & I’m definitely subscribed. Thanks!


I tweeted!



My favorite print is The Wonderland of the Butterfly Bokeh. I’m such a sucker for bokeh photography!


I subscribed!


I love the latte love one, nothing would brighten my mornings like seeing that next to my coffee machine each morning.


It was hard to choose… But my absolutely favorite picture is in wonderland.


13 October is my birthday!!


Finally, subscribed. Took me a while, cause I wasn’t sure if it worked or not…

My favourite print would definitely be Paris is Flying. I love the colours, the angle the photo was shot, the vintage feel to it.. Everything about it, really.

Here’s my tweet:


Awesome photographs! Love them all!!!! but if i had to choose one…. standout! It’s just like the saying ‘a picture says a thousand words’…


I love In Wonderland. What an amazing photo!


I’m a subscriber!!


I think I like this one the best×10-fine-art-photograph

although they are all beautiful!


‘let them eat macaroons’
by far my fav

alexandra keller

count me in! i’m a subscriber already 🙂

alexandra keller

I am a follower!

My favourite print is the “Standout” piece. Lovely!


Beautiful shop!

My favourite print is the “Standout” piece. Lovely!


I subscribed (I hope I did it right) In wonderland #2 is my favorite. I love all of her work, thanks I’m glad I know about her now. I will post it on my blog asap!


Ooooooooh,pretties! Choosing just one is difficult, but I would have to go with “Vintage Delight.” Just lovely!

Betsy J

*PARIS IS FLYING* is my absolute favorite photo <3




standout is my absolute favorite…. although i must confess it was a hard one. her entire shop is amazing!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

LOVE the Up and Away print!! Although the “Around We Go” is a close second…




I love
Paris in the rain 8×10 metallic finish


I am a subscriber… I love this shop!!


I’m a subscriber. 🙂


also…i LOVE the City of Bokeh print. magical.×10-metallic-fine-art

kristen k.

i already subscribe in Google Reader…does that count?

kristen k.

Her prints are all fabulous, but my favorite is “through the trees”. Love, love, love those muted tones.

Also, I’m already subscribed and made sure to tell everyone about this giveaway via twitter ( Hooray!


I love love love the Up and Away picture. I used to work at the county fairs when I was growing up and love the feeling I get thinking about those days. What a beautiful image! 🙂


I am a follower of PapernStitch! 🙂


My absolute fave…which would go in our girls Playroom…would have to be her “Once Upon a Time” print…which is from her Fairground section.
Our girls are obsessed with Carousels…so magical!


I am a subsciber.


My favorite is “Something Wicked”. I would love to have it hanging on my wall!


I love the take flight photo, but there are so many beautiful ones!


I’m a subscriber!!


There are so many gorgeous photos! It’s so hard to choose just one. But, that one would have to be Standout.


I am a subscriber. 🙂


I am already subscribed to your blog so I visited Chelsea’s store on Etsy. My favorite photograph is Paris in the Rain because I love Paris in the rain! When we were in Paris last summer, it was misting while we visited Père Lachaise Cemetery. One of my favorite vacation memories!


Do I have to choose just 1?? I’ll go with…um… Late for the party!


I AM subscribed!


Absolute favorite? I think I’ll have to go with “Paris is Free”- but it’s a hard decision!

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