Photography Week: Morning Violeta

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Morning Violeta marks a fresh project for Violet D., a concert and fine art photographer from Bulgaria, and Im totally digging the inspiration behind her focus:”I love early morning hours, those first moments that set the tone for the whole day. That is what I wanted my [Morning Violeta] project to be. A nice little piece of art that sends you daydreaming. Something to look at first thing in the morning and give you the dose of inspiration you need to carry you through your day.”Im also loving her use of the TtV (through the viewfinder) technique to create special glimpses of scenes to share by employing her trusty combo of a 1950 Kodak Duaflex + a Canon DSLR.

There is a huge autumn sale going on right now in the Morning Violeta shop, with 25% off all prints.Head on over to Morning Violeta to see the sights.

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Yeah! it look’s 70’s, I miss to ride on carousel when i’m a little child. It reminds me something.


I love the carousel picture! Love all of the colours too, fantastic.

Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

Wow! it looks like a 70’s picture I just remember my old pictures with that mode. This post brings me back to 70’s memory lane. Wow Thank you very much.

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