Photography Week: Tidbits Studio

Happy Halloween! I didn’t want to make today about pumpkins and candy, but I still have something sweet for you…

Photography week on Papernstitch! Every day this week, starting today, I’ll be featuring a different (and equally amazing) photography shop. *And if you are a photography lover, be sure to check out the ultimate photography gift guide as well.

And today’s photography shop is Tidbits, which is run by Karla Diaz Cano, a Mexico-born artist currently living in Miami. I thought Karla’s work was a great way to kick off this week. And I hope you’ll head over to her shop and check out her collection of prints.

Visit Tidbits Studio on Etsy now.

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These photos are really wonderful. I think that my favorite is the image of the bridge, the depth of field is wonderful, and the leading lines really pull the viewer into the photo.


I love that one too Amber. One of my favs for sure. Thanks for stopping by!


Love the photos!! The tint is beautiful!

Danielle Hardy

i love how the strawberries look in this picture!


Thanks guys! Glad you like my work 🙂

Karla from Tidbits Studio

I’m in love with her prints! So many shops on Etsy have the same sorts of images, but Tidbits has beautiful, unique photography. 🙂 I could see so many of those photos on my walls!


Couldn’t have said it better myself Anna. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Glad you like Karla’s work.


Thank you Anna!!! And thank you Brittni for the feature 🙂

Karla from Tidbits Studio
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