Pillow Craze

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this lately, but I’ve been in a bit of a  pillow daze (or maybe the better word for it is craze) for the last few months and I am adding these to my list…

Pillows from Orientina

Each pillow cover is handmade using the Turkish decorative art of Kilim (something I knew nothing about before finding Orientina). Here’s a little more info…

Kilim is one of the key components of Turkish and Anatolian decorative arts. It is estimated that the Turkish kilims, all of which are regarded as a piece of art, have a history dating back  to 3,000 BC. Kilims are made up of wool and are woven without nap, using a special technique. They are used as floor kilims, pillows or divans. Due to their light-weight and movability, they are known as an indispensable part of nomadic life.

Visit Orientina now to browse around and discover your own favorites.

That’s gonna wrap things up for me for the week. I’m out of town for the rest of the weekend speaking at CCE and Fizz & Frills. I’ll be back Tuesday, but I have posts scheduled for Monday, so everything will appear “normal”. Have a great weekend.

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Love love love these designs!!

Rachel Loves Bob (@RachelLovesBob)

Ooooh those are gorgeous.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo
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