Pillow Punch

BAMAQ Bamboo Pillow from Inhabit Living

I have a THING for pillows. Let me explain,  just doing a quick scan of the living room alone, I count 11 pillows! These are big pillows too, not tiny decorative pillow…the real deal. I know I should probably get rid of a couple of them at this point, but I ultimately keep them around because I think pillows transform a room. And what girl doesn’t like to switch things up every once and a while, right?

Alright first stop on the pillow train is  Bonjour Mon Coussin, a french shop with incredible goodies. 1. Pilages 2. Numero 3. Windy

4. Telephone pillow from West Elm 5. Unison Static pillow in Lemon from Nest Living

I just bought this unison pillow (#5) last week to go with my new modernica rocking chair (more on that later). 

6. Bargello Kaleidoscope pillow by Jonathan Adler 7. Disco Lady pillow by Jonathan Adler 8. Bargello Waves pillow by Jonathan Adler 9. Donut pillow from Strange Little Bear

I want that Disco Lady Jonathan Adler pillow REAL bad. I mean REAL bad.

10. Queen Elizabeth II pillows from Karen Hilton Designs 11. Union Jack pillows from Karen Hilton Designs

Each piece from Karen Hilton Design is handmade and designed by Karen herself and is made to order. I have been eyeing those queen elizabeth pillows for weeks. I know, I am pillow freak.

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Thanks Shaan!


I love pillows too but you should never leave out Amenity’s range of Hand screen printed organic hemp cushions! The eco fill insert they use for these cushions are made from rescued plastic bottles from US landfills. Makes it easy to smile when you cuddle them!

look at them:



Me too.


I love the ones from Bonjour Mon Coussin! (great blog btw ^_^)

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