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I use to find myself collecting rings to wear alongside my crazy necklaces to add some fun(k) to otherwise basic outfits. But lately, I’ve been hoarding brooches instead. So, I am proclaiming…

Brooches are the new rings!

You feel me on this one?

Because Belle Hibou has a nice collection of vintage inspired brooches that I am partial to. Maybe you’ll like ’em too. Bonus! You can use this discount code to save 10% at checkout: Enter code SAVE10 at checkout for 10% off.

Visit Belle Hibou now to take advantage of that special discount.

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The camera does it for me too. Though a little bird on my breast couldn’t hurt.


Yes! The camera brooch is my favorite Amy!

Good point about rings getting in the way Tsuki. So true! And your tutorial is adorable by the way.

Thanks Ana for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed Belle Hibou’s shop.



these are so lovely. 🙂 thanks for sharing.


I love brooches! Rings seem to always get in my way 🙁 Now that I’ve been making more brooches, I find myself wearing them an awful lot!


p.s. Check out my latest tutorial + template on my blog!

Tsuki aka Little Gray Fox

that vintage camera brooch is so sweet – as is the rest of the belle hibou shop!

amy - thank you cards shop
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