Platypusfile House Tour

Today, Tallahassee artist Janae of Platypusfile is sharing her home with us and answering a few questions. There are so many things to see in Janae’s home. I find something new everytime I look at these photos. But one thing that’s certainly hard to miss? Janae and her husband’s collection of over 2,500 books. Wow! Enjoy the tour…

What kind of home do you live in?

Our cozy 930 square foot cottage is a place where I bake, draw, collect, sew as well as sing and dance with my husband and son. We also have three very loving cats that often find the perfect stack of fabric to lie on. We live in Tallahassee FL, which is a vibrant college town. I am an adjunct instructor at the local university as well as part of a handmade co-op, Textures Handmade Market. I sell handmade goods as well as teach workshops. I am also online at my shop Platypusfile on Etsy.

How would you describe your design style?

My home is forever informing how I see the world as well as how I am comfortable in the world. I love things and want to be with these treasures as much as I can. I am a collector of patterns, natural specimens, woodcarvings, bottles and feel that both my home and my approach to art+craft is one of a collagist. I imagine foreign textures mingling, opposing patterns harmonizing, and objects turning into drawings. My collections influence my art, but so do the many books we collect. I am an avid looker at 1970s craft books, botanical drawings, Japanese Ikebana as well as old quilt and pattern books.

Simply I think of my design style as an amateur naturalist collecting for a wonder cabinet.

What is your favorite room of your house and why?

Before moving into our home, the former owners did some renovations.

They turned a three-bedroom house into a two bedroom, which opened up our living room quite a bit and gave us a wonderful fireplace. Our dinning room/living room/kitchen all-empty into one another, this allows for our family to be together in most moments. I love that harmony; I enjoy working at the dinning room on an art project while my son plays in the next space. This interconnectedness is what makes our home work so well.

On average, about how much time per week are you able to put into creating?

This also allows me to spend more time on my artwork than if I had a separate space. I believe I spend between 4-6 hours a day on creating which also includes the time I am photographing and using the computer.

What is your favorite thing to create for your shop?

Currently, I love making the Women Explorer dolls. They give me a chance to escape from the world, thinking about someone elses adventures. I enjoy finding old clothes and remaking them into their new outfits ““ mixing old world designs with a contemporary flare. I also enjoy how they are both machine stitched and hand stitched; this

allows me to enjoy them in my hand, carrying them about. I have made them riding bird pillows and most recently one is sailing in her own boat.

What advice can you share on getting a business started?

Textures Handmade Market is an amazing shop in our small feeling town; it has a wide range of goods from very intricate complicated expensive goods to small sweet simple items that sell quickly. I think that has showed me that it is a great idea to have several different price points when you are selling to the world. People love the one of a kind  special fancies but perhaps cannot afford them, but still want to be able to purchase some of your work. I think that has been one of my biggest lessons, to try to have several things at different prices. With that said, it is still important that they all fulfill your vision.

Thanks so much for the tour Janae. Visit Platypusfile on etsy to view more of Janae’s work.

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I love your home Janae! I feel so warm and happy there, always. Thank you for sharing it with so many of us:)

Michelle Hawken

what a lovely tour . thanks for introducing such interesting artists!

red or gray

Wow, what a tour! It is indeed a very creative home. Love the patterns and textures of the place!


What a fabulous, beautiful home! It seems like a very inspiring place to be creative.


oh, oh that pattens are everywhere! I really love it, its like a controlled chaos!

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