Playing Dress Up

Something you should know about me…I love dresses. I don’t really get a chance to wear them much in the winter now (too cold), but if it was warmer I’d be rocking one of these dresses from Mrs. Pomeranz on a daily basis. Are they amazing or what?

The styles are classic, but they feel a little retro (in a totally good way) at the same time too. Which makes sense because Dasha Pomeranz, Mrs. Pomeranz herself, collected 1950s dresses for years before starting her clothing line.

There are a mixture of prints and solids in the collection and they are all beautifully made in two small studios: one in London and the other in Moscow. But probably my favorite thing about the dresses in this shop, is that many of them come with detachable collars, so you can mix and match and create different looks.

There are two ways you can browse this clothing shop for available pieces: 1) via the Mrs. Pomeranz boutique on ASOS marketplace and 2) on dawanda. And if you’re not a dress kind of girl, no worries, there are a few skirts sprinkled in there too.

*I’m in Salt Lake City now for the rest of the week. If you are going to be at Alt too, tweet me. I’d love to meet you in person and I’ll be checking twitter throughout the week – probably more than email.


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Brittni, I think you and I may just be soulmates. One of my lifelong ambitions is to dress like Donna Reed every day!

(and I agree ~ don’t wait for a chance to dress up, just go for it. Everyone needs more fancy in their lives!)

tiffany moore | magic maker

Those dresses are gorgeous!! Thanks for the tip – I’m heading over to look at Mrs Pomeranz right now 🙂


yeah, i know what you mean about finding a place to wear a dress. but i just used to wear them anywhere, whether it was warranted or not. 🙂


I would totally take either of those. They both do feel a bit retro – which is fun! I also have a hard time finding places to wear dresses but I do love them. They make a girl feel pretty!

Have a great day – Brandi

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