Playing Grown Up on PNS

Here’s the thing. I don’t do grown up all to well. Adult, shhmudult. Who needs to pay bills when we can all just eat cupcakes and watch Glee re-runs right, right!? Well, it seems society is telling us this is not the case. So whats a damsel to do? Play grown up! Yes, you heard right…I have actually found a way to be grown and responsible while still playing around. My little hidden gem of a secret is the lovely PNS shop Playing Grown Up. Brooke, shop owner extraordinaire, is an artist based in Alabama who just so happens to teach! So she has her fair share of childlike behavior. She wants everyone to indulge in their inner child and make use of that adventurous spirit, even if it involves organizing your desk.

For fall, Brooke is going all out with quirky and fun Photobooth accessories (chalkboard speech bubbles now in 6 different colors!), new jewelry stands, and her signature cork and chalkboards to help keep you organized all season long (if you last that long!). So I don’t know about you, but I am ready to play!

PS- Brooke’s blog is fantastic with a capital F. For your own sake, please check it out!

Love, Letitia

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Hi Brittany. yeah I love that deer corkboard. This one is my absolute fav though:
A little different than the deer I realize. 🙂


Love her blog! The deer corkboard is calling my name, too 🙂

Brittany Broas
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