Playing House

Do you ever feel pressure to make sure that everything is perfect? Perfect hair, perfect outfit, perfect house?

If I’m being honest, I feel that sometimes too, but today I am here to remind you that perfect doesn’t exist. And if it did, is that something that really matters to you, deep down inside? No! Of course not.

What does matter? Well, happiness for one. Right? Probably first and foremost.

So today, lets focus on bringing happy into your home with fun and playful housewares that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Clockwise from top left. Crystals Sculpture by Brett Freund // For Like Ever Wood Sign // By Wasted Rita // Knit Inspired Watercolor Pillowcase // Small Glazed Jewel in Rainbow // Rainy Day Throw

And next time you are worried about whether that art cluster you hung in the entryway looks perfectly random, remind yourself that decorating is suppose to be fun! And playful is better than perfect.

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Note to self: Playful is better than perfect via @sharethis

Ria (@heyreea)

I lovveeee the wooden sign, that is so adorable! I want one! 🙂


There’s been such an abundance of yellow this January, I’m loving it! Perfect is overrated. ; )

Anna Simmonds

I love the happy colors! It definitely doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!


great ideas!

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Raluca Alina Vintilescu

Playing House: Do you ever feel pressure to make sure that everything is perfect? Perfect…

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