Polaroids for your Fridge

I love, love, love Polaroids, but they can be difficult to display sometimes. I’ve tried framing them but it just doesn’t have the same effect. Don’t know what it is, but there is something about Polaroids that I really just want to be able to touch, pick up, hold in my hand.

So, I found these awesome Polaroid magnets from Jen Shaffer, in her shop called Painted Fish Studio (a paper work and polaroid photography shop), and am thinking it totally solves my problem.

A) It’s a magnet. Who couldn’t use another magnet?

B) I can pick it up and hold it in my grabby little hands.

and C) No framing required. Perfect!

Each polaroid image is printed on matte photo paper with archival inks. Then its laminated and magnet backing is added. So cool.

Ready for your own set? Jen has a nice selection of sets to choose from and they are very affordable too. And since you’re heading over, be sure to check out Jen’s other shop items as well: photo albums, polaroid greeting cards, and more because you have a discount code to use. So stock up!

DISCOUNT: Enter the coupon code PAPERNSTITCH upon checkout and receive a 10% discount.

Visit Painted Fish Studio now to explore + use your discount code.

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Oh so cute ^_^ !
I love love love polaroids and they look perfect on their own…no frames. This is a creative way of collecting them and showing them.


Oh I love these! I have a couple of polaroids framed from when I was a child and you’re right- you need to be able to hold polaroids!

Great blog btw 🙂

Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

thanks maggie. i’ll go take a look. its been fun to see other people’s renditions of a diy i created more than a year ago now. very cool.


Hi Ladies…I wanted to let you know that I posted a picture from your blog – of the dry erase board you posted in June of 2010. Hope that’s OK. Please come by and take a look!


Maggie at SweetwaterBaby

My pleasure Jen.


i think i may be just a little bit in love with this shop … thank you for sharing.

laura Evans

thank you so much for the lovely write-up! it’s so great to read good words about one’s work. i hope my polaroid magnets find new homes!

jen : painted fish studio

Oh, these are so pretty! Who doesn’t love Polaroids? 🙂

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