Pom Pom Packages

Christmas is literally right around the corner and Laura of Lupin still has a few more DIY wrapping projects for us. I just love these! For more from Laura’s work, click here to visit her shop (Lupin) and her blog, Bugs and Fishes.


I love pompoms! They’re so fun to make, and add a quirky crafty feel to anything – especially parcels.

All you need is some leftover yarn (if you don’t knit yourself, be nice to someone who does or look in charity shops for leftover balls), some cardboard, and a bit of time and you can make pompoms a-plenty to cheer up any gift.

This is a great project to involve your kids with, though they might need a hand with the fiddly stages: there’s a great pompom tutorial¬†here¬†that explains everything brilliantly in case (like me) you’d forgotten how to make them.

Any colour yarn will do, but I chose a nice festive red and a modern green to look terribly chic (darling) against my brown paper parcels. I am a big brown paper fan, but you could use any sort of wrapping paper for this look: the pompoms just take the place of ribbon and bows.

Tie lengths of yarn round your parcel as you’d do with a length of ribbon and knot securely. I used three pieces on this parcel but you can experiment and see what you prefer:

Then use the two long ends sticking out from your pompom to tie it onto where the yarn crosses, this can be a bit fiddly but knot it as securely as you can and then trim the two ends so they can’t be seen:

You can use one big pompom:

Or group several together (maybe several in different colours?) to give your gift a real wow-factor:

If you’re still loyal to old-fashioned ribbon but still want to add a pompom-y touch to your gifts, you can easily use them to decorate your tags… First off, punch a second hole in a luggage tag:

I impatiently stabbed mine with a pencil but you could make your hole much more neatly I’m sure! Then take a smallish pompom, thread the ends through the two holes…

… knot them tightly at the bag of the tag, tie a bow and trim the ends neatly…

… and hey presto, a pompom tag:

Just remember you might want to keep these presents out the way of cats & dogs!

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Great idea! I like the pom pom idea better than ribbons


Too cute! I love this idea. Haven’t made pom poms since I was a kid.


Very cute and what a great way to use up old yarn!




very cute!!!

claudine hellmuth
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