Pretty Good Things for your Hair

Mary P (aka the cutest milliner around) is the beauty and the brain behind Pretty Good Things: a handmade hats, charming fascinators and other fun hair do-dads shop.

Eek! Mary’s shop makes me a little giddy. She has dreamed up such a playful collection. And as she describes it, her work is…

“The perfect accessory for charismatic and stylish gals desiring to add a bit of whimsy to their wardrobe.”

I can ALWAYS use a little more whimsy in my life.

Honestly though, if it came down to choosing a favorite, I’d have a really hard time picking just one. BUT I think I can narrow it down to four…

1. Bouquet Elastic Headband No. 3

2. Polka Dot Feather Flower Hair Pin

3. Bouquet Elastic Headband No. 1

4. Golden Bouquet Headband No. 1

If you want to browse around Mary’s shop to choose your own favorites, visit Pretty Good Things now.


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