Pretty in Pink

Nuturing Tomorrow Print by APAK and Individual Felted Wool Bowl by Papaver Vert

Since this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would do an all pink round-up. Of course, I chose products from the papernstitch site (sorry it is my obsession at the moment to talk about it as much as possible). I used a really cool feature from one of the drop-downs in filters (in the products page) that allowed me to sort by color and I chose pink! 

Anyway, I love APAK (as I have probably mentioned before) and this print is so adorable! And as far as Papaver Vert goes- GORGEOUS!

Hotel City By Janice Jong and Pink Brown Melody by Modern Quilts

I have written about Janice Jong and Modern Quilts before on the blog, so its clear that I adore both of these exhibitor’s works. I like seeing these two images next to each other too because the shapes in the quilt remind me of skyscrapers, which kind of mimics the tall buildings in Janice’s work.

Botanical Still V by Stephanie Levy and 2 Pink Cupcake Calendars by Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress

And here are the last two (but certainly not least). I have written about Stephanie’s work before too, and I love the new pieces she has been working on. Then there’s Yee-Haw…I was introduced to them a while back by artist, James Greene, who mentioned it in passing. Now, I am seeing Yee-Haw all over the place!

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