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love love love those skirts. not sure that i can pull-off the high-waisted look owing to my massive rack. but dammit, i might just try this spring! i could LIVE in white tank tops & pretty skirts and not mind one bit!


ditto, tara! Except for the massive rack part, quite the opposite here. It’s more the short length and my booming hips that scare me about the look. but I might just try, too 😉


Ha! Nicole. I am right there with you. And Tara, I could also live in white tops and skirts….but then again, dresses are so easy. A one stop shop of sorts. That is appealing as well.


These are so fun! I totally want the “paisley” top.


love, love, love the paisley top~why can’t i find it on the web-site???


Hmm…I can’t find that paisley top on the site now either. Maybe it sold out?

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