Procrastinating the Day Away, Like It’s Nobody’s Business

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Gradient Vase from Leif

If you’re looking for a way to procrastinate this morning, I have your back!

You know how some days you wake up, ready to take on the world, or maybe just your current list of to-dos, and you jump right into work with open arms? And then other days…well…you may need a little more…err, convincing. That’s kind of how the day is starting for me. One of those days that I need a little convincing.

Soooo, if you’re willing to do a little procrastinating with me, I have some pretty pictures that we can look at. Sound good? Your inbox can wait a few extra minutes. Right?

Thought so. Here are a handful of things that I’m finding especially inspiring at the moment…

(above) a gradient vase from Leif

Cronut topped with pistachios

cronuts (!!) from Gotuje Bo Lubi

Hair Chalk for Brunettes

a hair chalk how-to for brunettes from Studio DIY

Matte Tin Can Vases

matte painted tin can vases from Sweet Paul

Cotton Candy in a Cone

cotton candy in a cone from Treasures and Travels

Cool Bedroom

cool bedroom from Inside Out magazine on SFgirlbybay

What’s been inspiring you lately?

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I like the cotton candy in a cone and the tin can pictures. I had a very lazy day yesterday and that took a lot of procrastination. To make up for it though, I really have a lot of work to be doing this week. So I best get to it!


I am currently in the process of moving and although I am looking forward to moving into my new apartment, I can’t motivate myself to clear out my childhood/teenagehood/early-adulthood room! So thanks for the pretty pictures and a good reason to start 10 minutes later 🙂

Ilia Mura

Well it seems we have a similar skill!

I have a friend, and we take turns motivating each other. 🙂 But what exactly has been motivating me? I’m *this* close to finishing my bachelors. It’s almost September! I love autumn. Motivates me to be outside. Mmm. Funny how that twinged cool air makes everything it touches just shiver with life, ya?

Lovely post.


That’s me today! I might even make the kids fend for themselves! Definitely thinking of having a nana nap today!

Amber Rhodes

Oooh… I can feel that… many times it’s 2PM when I realize I haven’t even started my day yet… now, that’s a bit of a shameful moment, but otherwise I kinda hope that procrastinated time is not time wasted.

Btw, right now I’m collecting images with the color theme pink and green, and this post has two of them! Thanks!


agnes szucs / iiiinspired

Well, that was fun! You reminded me that last time my husband and I were in NYC we really wanted to grab some cronuts from the Dominique Ansel Bakery, but we couldn’t drag ourselves out of bed that early. 🙂 But I’m going to make it happy when we go back this fall!!!


I’m definitely on the procrastinating train. 🙂

– Christina


Love it 🙂


This is perfect! I loved the cotton-candy pic!


Yes! In fact, most Mondays is like that for me. LOL. I really like the fishtail braid, could use cotton candy in a cone, and will most certainly hang onto a few more cans next time I cook.

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