Putting together an InstaMeet?

I am going to take a guess and assume that you are as obsessed with Instagram as I am. And if that’s the case, I’m wondering…have you ever been to an InstaMeet before? Do you know what one is?

The full details are right here on Instagram’s blog, but I’ll give the short version. Basically, it’s just a way to get to know other Instagrammers in your hometown via an in-person meetup. Anyone can start one, including you! So if you’re feeling inspired by yesterday’s Best Shops for Party Props post you should definitely plan a little InstaMeet in your city. Any excuse to decorate for a party.

I actually just went to one over the weekend at West Elm and snapped a few photos. Jordan hosted the event and she introduced me to a group of really sweet ladies, including  Sarah and Taylor. Then I wandered around a little bit  to sneak some photos of the cool things I spotted in the store..

Follow me here @BrittniMehlhoff on Instagram. And let me know your Instagram username in the comments below, so I can check out your photos.

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How cool! I hadn’t heard of Instameet yet but I love Instagram! You can find me @simplyoney 🙂

Gail {Simply Oney}



love this! 🙂 RT @papernstitch: a few photos from the @westelm InstaMeet I went to with @jordanbrantley @SarahLynEddy http://t.co/gFOeSZUG

(@jordanbrantley) (@jordanbrantley)

Aww I’d love to go to one. I’m from England I’ve never heard of this before but I do love Instagram, mines @k_robo.


I’m from Mexico so I don`t think I could go to an instameet, but it sure sounds like a fun way to meet people. My username on instagram is carmilacat (:

I hope you have an awesome day!


The Ponycats

RT @papernstitch: a few photos from the @westelm InstaMeet I went to with @jordanbrantley @SarahLynEddy http://t.co/FVR334PD plus a beehive cake stand topper

Sarah Eddy (@SarahLynEddy)

What a sweet birthday party Shanon! Thanks for sending the link. Love the ombre cake.


Hi Brittni! I don’t know much about Instameets, but I DO have that beehive cake stand! =) G’s first birthday was loosely bee-themed. http://myfinegarden.blogspot.com/2012/04/first-birthday-party.html


Putting together an InstaMeet?: I am going to take a guess and assume that you are as… http://t.co/CjdIBe9X

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)
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