Queen Bee Fannies

So let’s say that you have a “friend” and that friend has been talking about how he wishes fanny packs were cool, so that he wouldn’t feel so bad buying one. And let’s say that I kept assuring said “friend” that fannies are cool and he should totally get one! 

1. Hello Hip Holster from Queen Bee Creations 2. Velocity Hip Holster from Queen Bee Creations

After that “hypothetical” situation, I found these and thought I just had to post about it. Queen Bee Creations makes these really neat, really colorful fanny packs. They call them Hip Holsters and they’re extremely versatile. What a versatile fanny pack? Yep, it has an adjustable strap that can convert it into an over the shoulder mini-bag if you wish.

3. Detail shot of the Varieties from Queen Bee Creations 4. Lightning Hip Holster from Queen Bee Creations

Their shop has plenty of other handmade, non-leather goodies as well, so be sure to check it out here.

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ahhh I knew these fannypacks would come back in one day & here they are! They look cool, not sure if I could pull it off though


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