(R.A.W.) Win a FREE Three Month Exhibition Spot on Papernstitch.com

This giveaway is in conjunction with Reader Appreciation Week here on Papernstitch. Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog and has made it what it now is!

I know that building a lasting, successful business is important to you, so I wanted to do something really special for today’s giveaway. I am giving away a 3 month exhibition spot on papernstitch.com to one talented lady (or gent) worth over $150.

I completely understand that promoting your work online is a piece of the biz puzzle that can be down-right difficult, especially for creative entrepreneurs like you. And that is exactly why I am giving this away. One lucky winner will be chosen from the comments below to take part in the next 3 papernstitch exhibitions absolutely free of charge to get the much needed attention and exposure she (or he) deserves. You can learn more about papernstitch on the sellers page + while you are there, read over the sites testimonials and press mentions.

I never do giveaways for the exhibition site, so take advantage of this while its here because I honestly don’t know when (if ever) I’ll be doing this again.

International entries welcome. Anyone can submit for this giveaway (whether you’ve been on the site before or you haven’t). *Remember, papernstitch is a curated exhibition site, so I will be hand selecting the winner of this giveaway based on overall product quality, originality, and (of course) the answers to my question below.

Here’s how you enter:

Leave a comment below with your shop url (Etsy, Bigcartel, Personal Website, ArtFire, etc) AND 1-2 sentences describing why you think you should win a three month exhibition spot on papernstitch.com.

**Giveaway will end on Monday, June 20th at 11:59 pm EST.**

**For additional Reader Appreciation Week discounts, giveaways, and more visit the R.A.W. page for the full list. Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog and has made it what it now is!

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Because the arrival of my incredible gorgeous son (yes i am not above using him in this instance) has left my poor shop feeling neglected & looking abandoned … & well i need all the help i can get. I can beg if that helps!! xx

laura Evans

Hi, what a great opportunity! Thank you! My shop is N. Fallon Design Studio ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/nfall2rt) As you know it’s so tough to get a little piece of the spotlight and even tougher when you don’t necessarily have the money to spend for advertising. This would help my little shop out greatly!


My site that I would want to promote it http://www.shopafterninetofive.com.

I think I should win because I’m doing everything I can to ensure that my dream of being self-employed as a career comes true and stays here. I think I deserve it and would be so grateful for the chance to showcase my worth to a broader audience.


Hi, Thanks for this opportunity! My shoppe really needs more exposure and this will be the perfect opportunity, if I win….thanks again!! 🙂


My brand Antisparkle is right at the tipping point of growing into something bigger. Exposure on Paper n Stitch could put it over the edge to becoming the next well known indie brand. I need that boost.


It’s wedding season and I am making some gorgeous wedding guest books made out of reclaimed book covers (vintage & antique) and archival papers. They are unique, lovely & should be debuted on a fantastic site like yours. Much admiration– meg

Megan Winn

Matilda is the little old english bulldog behind Tilda’s Treasures. She spends her afternoons lounging in her big comfy chair while I design her line of pet collars and charms to sport on our afternoon walks. Her favorite, of course, being the pink princess charm. (I swear she picked it out herself). We are working together to officially launch her line and Papernstitch would be a wonderful opportunity for us to receive the exposure. Thank you for your consideration! We love receiving your emails and checking out the newest greatest designers.

Karalee Serra

I’m a wife, mom of 2 young boys, work full-time as a professional graphic designer and in my SPARE time crochet baby blankets and soft toys for kids in my Etsy shop. I would LOVE some extra online exposure for my shop – I really love making things for kids and it would be such a treat to spend more time creating and less time glued to my computer trying to market my shop constantly. Thank you for the consideration!

Lisa DeFrancesco

Lady Like had a one month Exhibition Spot and we loved it. Our shop is still new and this helps our on line exposure. A 3 month free exhibit would be terrific!

Diana Foree

What a wonderful opportunity! My shop is http://galejade.etsy.com

I would love to win because it’s so hard to gain exposure for one’s shop! I always put time and care and love in my shop but with my day time job it’s hard to find time to advertise it. I love papernstitch and an exhibition spot would be the perfect boost for my shop!


Because it would give me a break!! I’m a single multi tasking Mom and in the summer I have about 15 hours a week additional work with my flower pressing! It would be great to be in the spotlight without having to pay the price!

Jacqueline Bassett

Hello and thank you for this phenomenal opportunity! My studio: http://www.absinthedragonfly.artfire.com

I would be love to be chosen for a exhibition spot because I create beautiful botanical perfumes with only raw botanical materials! Botanical Perfumes are a unique and individual experience, as each perfume smells differently on the person wearing it. I am also a busy unschooling mommy of 4, so this would be a wonderful help for promotion!

Thank you again for this chance!

Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

Well, because I need the exposure 🙂 and this is a lovely place to be featured!!

this is my shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/SilverLinesJewelry


http://www.etsy.com/shop/craftyclementines My shop is just starting to gain some momentum, and I’m ready to take it to the next level! I love love love working with brides, and if I can reach out to them in any venue, I want to do it.

Crafty Clementine


I haven’t shown on Paper N Stitch since I started my shop! I have so much more to share now.

Nan Lawson

What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win the exhibition spot for my shop http://www.vitamini.etsy.com. I work full-time at my day job and am finding it difficult to balance that and my handmade business. I know that it has the possibility to take me places (maybe even far enough to quit my day job someday!) but I need a little boost to get me going in the right direction and to keep me motivated! I’m just beginning to take more risks and put myself and my products out there and a feature on papernstitch would be wonderful. Thanks!


I want to share my jewelry with people who would feel happy wearing them.



A papersnitch feature would be awesome & I think I’m deserving because I am an indie artist who designs and hand fabricates jewelry using environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. There is a lot of heart & time that goes into each piece from sketches to photos, and I think I offer something unique in the handmade community.


I think I should win (www.thefifthcloud.com) because I spend 24/7 thinking about what I love to do: jewelry! I breath, eat, sleep my craft and it is important for us makers to have a chance at making a living from our passion. This would mean so much to me!

Cinthya Cuba/The Fifth Cloud

wow – a generous offer indeed! I started my blog with the intention of showing the various items I make, in my spare time, using vintage buttons and then I did that fatal thing… I googled buttons! What I discovered, quite simply blew my mind! There are an amazing amount of talented people making hugely creative stuff using buttons and I had no idea! It led me down the road of using the blog as an inspiration pinboard and showcase for all the amazing work I find. On the downside, I have found that it has led me not showing anything I have made using, which I need to change and get it out there! As a freelance graphic designer working in the commercial property sector, my work has been drying up over the last few months due to the economy, so i now need to make a concerted effort to show and hopefully some of my work! having this as an opportunity may just tip the balance into me finally doing it!

Bonkers About Buttons

I love exhibiting with papernstitch and with a 3 month exhibition spot, it would be an unbelievable opportunity to continue promoting my work while being able to create new products and generate more traffic for tucker reece! It’s been a hard few months and we’re starting to pick up momentum again and I know it’s in part because of papernstich’s exhibition site! Such a great idea Brittini, lots of luck to whom ever the winner of the extraordinary giveaway 😀


Jenna Graviss


I have an Etsy shop and am focusing on changing it from a “hobby” to “profession”. I have a lot of things I am working on, including product photos, product line, logo, etc. I think advertising will be the next step for me so this would be a perfect place to start! Thanks for the fun!

Jane Skoch

Thanks for this great opportunity. I am hoping to use this opportunity to generate more traffic to my most ambitious project, investing in my passion: painting and collage. Please check out my blood, sweat, and tears during my down time: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thepinkpennyshop

Thanks again.


I am the artist and owner behind NS Pottery (www.nspottery.etsy.com), and I would LOVE to be featured here on papernstitch because I’m pretty new with my online business and am working hard to build a following. It’s my dream to make a living soley through being an artist.

Natalie @ NS Pottery

The site that I have chosen to enter is http://www.waitingforbean.com.

I started this blog more than two years ago and never took it very seriously. In the last year or so, I have become very passionate about it and would love this opportunity to share my work. Thank you so much for a chance at this!


Man this is a great deal! This would be such an amazing opprotunity for me, I am a stay at home mom who has been working on turning my etsy shop into a significant contribution to my families income. So any help would be more than welcome! Thanks for offering this… much luck and success to whomever is the winner!


Logan McClelland

What a great opportunity! I’ve revamped my shop a bit and would love some more exposure and it would really add to your toy section!

Jocelyn Naquin

My name is Talia and I created Conduit Press from my own dining room studio. I adore what papernstitch does for the handmade community and Conduit Press deserves a little time in the spotlight because the family behind Conduit Press (mother of three, wife to one) has worked so hard to create a handmade business that encompasses all that we believe in: beauty, usefulness, sustainability, and value.

Talia Halliday

I would love the free spotlight because I make insects and moths from rescued fabrics.
There arent many doing that!
Plus Im a Gent! A MAN!
I have a very unique product.
………….And Im doing my absolute best to get ahead.
Best Wishes,


Wow, what an opportunity! I would LOVE to win this lovely prize! I quit my job as a fashion buyer 6 months ago, and set up my own baby company littlenestbox ( http://littlenestbox.etsy.com) 2 months ago. I make baby quilts, blankets, nursery decor and toys, and would love to be able to show them to a wider audience! I love what I do, but it is a competitive world out there! x


Because I love papernstitch!!!

Analisa Jaros

My mom (and business partner) and I have been creating our whole lives & constantly hearing ” you should sell these!” Our response has always been “someday.” We are both finally in a position in our lives that we can make TODAY that day. This opportunity would help us get off the ground and running.


What an awesome opportunity! My shop is http://pangeahandmade.com and I would love to win this because I just dove into the world of making my jewelry full time!!!! And as many people before me have figured out, it’s not as easy as it looks, and money is ALWAYS tight. Winning three months of free exhibition space will help me market my business in a cost-effective way so that I can continue to work at fulfilling my dream!


Such a awesome giveaway ! Thank you for a great opportunity to win such a treat. My shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/stitchinnetka?ref=si_shop has been already featured on your super fantastic site, I did love that experience a lot and would love to do it again. Being included in such a beautiful collection of amazing crafters and artists is such a humbling and inspiring experience. I’m pretty new to etsy and selling on line, so much to learn, but I’m very excited about it, and really want to being able to make it into my ‘real’ job , as my husband still calls it a hobby. And I would love to show to my kids that being creative pays off, and believing in your own dreams is the way to live your life.


My shop is featheredneststudio.etsy.com. I think if I could just better promote my shop, I could make this my full-time job (aside from my full-time job as the mom of a toddler!). More exposure and promotion is the key.


Hi–I actually have two Etsy shops: one where I sell vintage sewing supplies called SewBettyandDot at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sewbettyanddot, and another called BettyandDot where I sell vintage everything (except clothing) http://www.etsy.com/shop/bettyanddot.

I don’t actually know that I’m more “deserving” than the next person, but I’ve never advertised anywhere and would be so interested in seeing the results. I’m almost ready to “quit the day job” but need to boost sales a bit more to do so. Thanks so much for your generosity! It’s much appreciated!

Sherri S.

I’m Wibke from FINGERFABRIK and here are my shops: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/fingerfabrik and: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fingerfabrik
Why I should win?
Because I´m worth it! And if you want to know more about me and my work, have a look here: http://www.fingerfabrik.com
Lovely greetings from Germany,


I would love to share The Orange Owl (www.theorangeowlshop.com) with you. As a nutritionist, I truly blieve that what you put in and on your body makes a huge difference to who you are. This brand is an extension of my wellness center in VT which offers chiropractic and nutrition services to help people with their problems. Both my jobs make people smile and I couldnt ask for more! Any encouragement of a brand that is ecofriendly and socially conscious (5% of total sales is donated to help fund the education of underprivileged children) is always a good step!

Akshata Nayak of The Orange Owl

What. No Mints? would surely add a bit of intrigue and a pop of color to your lovely exhibition site! I like to share my love of chemistry and science with those around me by making it accessible in the form of hand-sewn goodies for you and your home. PNS would be the perfect platform to reach out to a new audience and show them that geekery really can be fun!


Thanks for the opportunity Brittni and good luck to all 🙂


The first time Bibliographicas were exhibited on papernstitch they were so full of excitement. Even if I turned off my computer, I could hear them through the night buzzing away with the other incredible creations they met during their stay! So, when they were put back on the shelf a year later, they were even more enthused. I can’t keep them quiet, they are literally begging to go back again even before they are due to come home. I don’t know of any other place I’d send them, quite frankly, for a little dash of ‘chic shop window display’ in this crazy online world…. papernstitch wins everytime. A 3 month ‘stay’ would mean the world to all the Bibliographica peoples and to their grateful creator!


This is such a wonderful idea . . .
Our shops are
http://felt.co.nz/shop/ellaquaint and
As two very creative, and talented painters and illustrators, we are so wired with the right-brain way for functioning, kind of like squirrels on coffee (genetics, you can’t beat them). Honestly there is no reason why we should get the space above anyone else. However our business plan or lack there of is kind of a joke, any assistance in the right direction we could recieve would be fantastic 😀 We will get there, it just might be the long way round with a few detours on the way. Oh and we render gorgeous animals!


I’d absolutely love to win this spot because I have a little shop that could use every possible ounce of exposure. I’m at the very beginning with my printed fabric designs and accessories and would benefit so much from what papernstitch offers especially because my advertising/marketing budget is very low as a new seller (and because I love this blog!)

amanda w.

Wow such a generous offer, thank you Brittni!

My shop is just something I do as a hobby right now, but would love to be able to quit my day job to live the dream of working from home. I’m still finding myself right now, but with the exposure of Paper ‘n stitch I could hopefully see what sells and what doesn’t- giving it a fair shot to know where to take this in the future. I’ve wanted to pay for a spot for awhile now but with our very meager, tight budget it just hasn’t been in the cards.

My Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/stargrafdesign


I just got married about a month ago and it has been quite a task getting more traffic to my shop after the long, blissful wedding and honeymoon break! If chosen, I would promote the heck out of papernstitch’s blog and website on Twitter, Facebook, my own site, and via email to get more attention not only to my shop, but to the sheer fabulousness that is papernstitch!


Oops…my shop link is http://www.dawncorrespondence.etsy.com


Dearest sweet Brittni, i love your idea of a Reader Appreciation Week! Such a wonderful way and so very generous of you. I always love visiting you on your inspiring space as there’s so much to discover, touch, feel and see! I’ve always been a fan of your wonderful papernstitch exhibition and was so lucky to have had a chance to participate in it. It’s wonderful, inspiring! and awesome exposure ~ something that my little creative business really need.
I have a new ‘Let’s enjoy” iCase for your iPhone series coming up and it would be such a wonderful opportunity to share and launch it here from papernstitch exhibition. 🙂 Best of luck to everyone here who’s so talented and deserving. Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!


The Papernstitch exhibition features some of the best artists and crafters out there, so winning would put me in great company!


Brittni! This is so great! Of course I HAVE to enter because I would love to be featured but I am also scrimping and saving… winning a spot would be ideal! Every time I see that another one of my items has been “favorited” on Etsy or notice that my blog views are going up, I get so giddy and excited! This would be such an amazing way to get my product out there!


Thanks for the opportunity!

Please Note

Hi there,

I would love to feature my Jasper Hilburn etsy shop on the papernstitch exhibition site. It’s so, incredibly hard to get your name out there, and I would love any help I can get. I recognize the power of a good blog when I see it 🙂


Oh thank you so much for the giveaway, this is indeed a great opportunity not to be missed!

I am a struggling artists who owns http://skyejuice.etsy.com and planning to start my 2nd shop selling paper crafts later this year. My shop is ‘on vacation’ atm because I will be travelling to US in less than 2 weeks time. But when I get back in late July, I will definitely need to boost my shop’s activity again with lots of new pieces. And in between that and the preparation for the 2nd shop’s launching AND a full time job, it would be most helpful if I could get an exhibition spot to help with traffic to my shop. :’) Plus, what an amazing experience it would be if I were to be chosen to be included with such great artists!!

I’m sorry that was a little long, but I sincerely thank you for the chance! If the reception is good, perhaps I will be back for more in the future 😀


Alex Kam

i’d love to win a 3 month exhibition!
i need the motivation to get some great new listings up – vintage maps, more blocks, mid century modern chairs and lamps – and papernstitch has been a great site for me in the past. besides, Brittni, you’re the best to work with and i’ve recommended your site to many fellow sellers 🙂

alexandra keller

I am having a summer sales slump, and just need to get some more traffic to my site. My Etsy sales fund my craft addiction. No sales = no craft fix. I’m an addict in desperate need! 🙂


Brittni, I love what I do. I love what you do. Let’s get it on. <3 danielle

Danielle (The Merriweather Council)

Brittni, I believe in Papernstitch and you ! I believe this is a great platform. Also I am in the process of changing and doing a big overhaul for my brand and work . Would be great to work with you 🙂


3 months of free marketing would do this jewelry designer’s heart some good. Truly 🙂


This is an incredible giveaway! I should win based on the merit of a good old-fashioned analogy…. Me : Winning A Spot Here (as) Giddy 13 Year Old : Winning A Date With J-Biebs

Thanks for the opportunity Brittni!


My Etsy shop is: http://www.etsy.com/people/yourdirtylaundry

I’d be elated to win the 3 month exhibition spot on Papernstitch so that I can share my bubbly, sweet and fun cupcake bath fizzies with more people. Everyone needs a little extra cute in their day!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Winning would change my life! I have visited your site many times and have dreamed of an exhibition spot ~ you would be making one of my dreams come true 🙂

Priscilla (gardenmis)

My husband and I are trying to cover the costs of the medical bills for our 7 year old son. He has a rare rheumetalogical autoimmune disease called Linear Schleroderma en coup de Sabre. MRIs & Chemo are expensive; every knot my husband ties in our Turks Knot Necklaces is tied for Tristan WESLEY & his little brother Elliot ASHER. Thus the name Wesley Asher, we’d love to win….your site is fantastic for our sales.

Trisha Brink

thank you for this opportunity.
i’d love to win for a chance to be advertised in your beautiful site, as my funds are not enough to pay for the ads, I really need it 🙂 I made ​​some changes, I think positive, on the photographs of my shop, and I would be happy to share …

Evelyn P.

I took the last year off to raise my new born son, Henry. I could really use this opportunity to help me ramp back up again, get my online shop off the ground and push me to spend my “downtime” working and not napping!

greet design

I think that I should win because I am a young business woman trying to get a business started on a full-time student’s budget. My jewelry is different and stands out from the rest because of the lively fun colors, and I ship with eco friendly packaging too 🙂

Chelsea Defino

Pick me! Pick me! Pretty please with a cherry on top. I think that my jewelry will look great on your site, don’t you think so?

Here is the link: http://bstrung.etsy.com.


Indeed this is an incredible give-away..hmm i will take advantage of it 😉 !!

Shop http://www.onceinabluemoon.nl
website http://www.ingridvandenbrand.com and blog http://www.eye-snacks.blogspot.com.

I think i have to win because i never won something like this and my work can make people happy.
Thanks for the oppurtunitiy !


Would love toooooooo win!

My URL is http://www.etsy.com/shop/mayicarles

And it’s an eco-friendly design boutique specializing in hair accessories + cute curiousities 🙂

Mayi Carles

[…] Paper n Stitch is having a great giveaway to those who want to get their artistry and/or their shop noticed! They’re giving away a free three month exhibition spot! […]

More Giveaways, Even Some Craft Supplies Giveaways : Screaming Sardine

My etsy shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/circleandsprout.
My business partner and I just celebrated our 1 month anniversary of our jewelry being out in the atmosphere. This would be and amazing glass of champagne cheers to celebrate that!


I could never in my life afford the fee to advertise my small shop so this would be above and beyond any opportunity to market myself! Wow, that would be amazing!
Thank you for the opportunity!


I have new lines that are coming out within the next couple of weeks and it would be a great way for me to expose them to a bunch of people quickly, and see what the response would be. Marketing is my #1 goal this year. My etsy shop is http://sewZinski.etsy.com

Sarah Constantino

I would love to win this and be featured on your site.. my shop is filled with brightly colored jewelry, art quilts, and vintage pieces.. come and see!
How wonderful would it be to win.. my sales fund my creative hobbies/passions and I am seeking to expand and grow my shop in the next few months.. this would be perfect for me! hugs bonitarose in fargo nd


I am a full time creative photographer, and find that creating for the sake of selling my work, often comes after client bookings…in other words, I don’t make nearly enough time for that bit. My etsy site (www.etsy.com/shop/beautifuldayto/) is a little neglected and not current…and having a three month long reason to BRING it, and get some new work on my site, would be just the push I need! I have the goods, I have plenty to share and sell – it’s making time to put it all together in one place that seems to be the problemo! Thanks for the opportunity to pull it all together in one place!

Tracy Olan

I would love to win a 3 month exhibition!
Hmmm, I can think of a ton of reasons, one to boost sales during the summer, to showcase new lines I’m presently working one, to save money and hopefully increase money! Thanks for the opportunity!

Crazy Fox Studio

I started to design a collection of recipe cards after looking at some of my Grandmother’s handwritten recipes and thinking of the many great memories. It would be great to share my collection with a new audience. An awesome opportunity!

My etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/gaitdesign


Hello!!! I would LOVE to win this exhibition spot! I opened up a brand new etsy shop and I sure could use the extra exposure….
Thanks for this offer!!!!



I’d like to win because I am planning to add sooo many exciting new things in my shop in the months to come and do not have much money toward advertising since I’m travelling abroad (within Europe) to take new photos! I think your site looks great and would love to try it out.


I’ve wanted to be an exhibitor on paperstitch for so long and never had the funds to do so. This would be such a great opportunity for a budding designer like me, and I would be forever grateful.
Thank you and keep spreading the joy with the amazing work you do.
Xx Nicole


Hi Brittni and papernstitch community!

I just opened my vintage shop, BellasSuitcase, a few weeks ago and am eager to show off my eclectic mix of beautiful vintage housewares. I only stock items that I would put in my own home, and I of course research each item as much as possible to bring my customers only the most unique and special pieces.

Winning this three month spot would be a great way to get BellasSuitcase some much needed exposure!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Michela Rosano


I would like to try the exhibition place for a longer period and connected with the crafts community.
Good luck to everybody.

Soham Dave

After three years of developing my skills, a year of learning to market and network, and two years learning the ropes on Etsy and ArtFire, I am finally ready to take that next step towards real success. I’ve recently started a new, more targeted theme for my shop, and I would love to get an extra boost to really make it count.

Thank you for the generous giveaway!


Our shop http://inkadinkadoodle.etsy.com is filled with elegant paper goods to give or keep for yourself. We would love more exposure to get more wholesale business. We are currently expanding our line and will have lots of new items in the next couple of months. Your site would help us get the exposure we need! Please consider us and check out our shop.

Andrea Jenson

We would like to say thank you so much for this opportunity. Our shop is http://www.hellopurl.etsy.com We recently opened this shop because it is our passion. There is nothing we would rather do then create with fibers. We would love for our shop to grow so we can keep doing what we love and be able to support our families.

Melissa and Jessie

Melissa B & Jessie N

It’s a difficult financial time for most/many.
My website for my handmade things is languishing.
I am mostly home-bound and in bed, so marketing is a challenge.

Each of us wants to supplement our income working with our hands.
I’m not more deserving of your generous offer than others who could use the help.
It would be an honor to be chosen.
Thank you for your generosity in making this opportunity available. ~ Janet Long

Janet Long

Ohh!!!! What a lovely giveaway!
Thanks Brittni
You have support us already and we are so thankful for that! You are so sweet and kind, it’s great to find people like you in this field, it’s refreshing!
As you well said promoting our work online can be down-right difficult, and it is, it’s a very slow process and we have to be so patient that sometimes it’s easy to despair.
So, we would love to be considered to this amazing giveaway, we believe in our product but we still need help to get out here. Thanks again,

Mari & Clara


Hi, I’ll be more than happy to win your most generous prize!
I am a struggling young graphic designer from Israel, and this would defiantly help me keep my dream alive and reach to more creative people around the globe.
I would be the luckiest girl out there 🙂
You are welcome to visit my shop: http://www.petek-design.com
Good luck to all and keep up your great work, papernstitchblog!


We’d love to win a spot because with a planned relocation from Norway to Australia in the new year, we need all the help we can get to raise funds and clear stock!



I would love to win a free three-month exhibition spot because I’ve been thinking about doing one for a while, but I just don’t want to spend the money for it right now. If I won, it would be great to get more exposure for my Etsy shop. Thanks for the chance to win!


I’ve been doing the indie craft show circuit for about two years now selling my collage jewelry and accessories and would LOVE to have an exhibition site to get my work “out there” instead of constantly being out there myself! If selected, know you will be crossing something off of my long to-do list…”Find reputable site to exhibit work”. http://www.obiehandmade.com


What a generous giveaway. I love where you have taken Paperandstich. I would love to win to bring my jewelry to a new audience. This opportunity would bring great exposure to my shop.


I search a list of blogs (yes this ins one of them) for artistic inspiration. I keep thinking after seeing what is out there that my work should have a better online sales record than it does so far. When the real world gallery market slowed in the recession I spent countless hours developing an online presents. I made and etsy site: http://[email protected] I developed a blog http://www.run-amokwtihme.blogspot.com I created a Flikr account, fixed up website http://www.ChristineBrennan.net I ran adds on a couple of the larger blogs. And tried. Papersstich for a bit.
Yikes. Am I doing something wrong? And when do I get to paint? Hoping three months of free Papernstitch will bust me through!

christine brennan

I would LOVE this opportunity! As a new to the market seller and blogger a space on paper and stitch would be a huge boost to my business. http://www.zibbet.com/madeonfifthstreet

Sarah Scott

I LOVE paper folding, specifically Kusudama Origami, and I have grown to love the strenth, customs, symbols and crafts of the Japanese people. I have put this all together by way of my Etsy shop, which I began when fewer artisans were doing kusudama than they are right now on Etsy. I am learning and growing and I believe my shop is a good representation of that.

Karen hornsten

I don’t know why I should get this more than any of the other commenters- I’m no more special than any of them. But I do know that I’m trying to use this year to bring my shop to the next level- this would be just the motivation I need to get out there and DO it already!


Oops! I forgot to post my shop address in the comment above. Here it is:

(see, I need all the help I can get!) lol


I loved my recent exhibition on papernstitch and can’t wait to do another one. It’s hard to find the perfect market for my product, but papernstitch was a hit! I think that my hand cut eco felt appliqued baby shirts are a perfect match for the papernstitch readers.


I have been trying to do this handmade business full time for almost a year now! Luckily I have a wonderful husband who supports me in my goals, but at the moment any money I make goes straight back into supplies, which makes it super hard to be able to afford to promote my shop online and even through craft shows sometimes because of the additional costs! I would love to win 3 months on paper n stitch because when I was able to afford an exhibition at the beginning of the year I had one of the best sales months! Thanks for all you do with this website and supporting handmade independent artists/designers!


I’d love to win an exhibition spot on papernstitch because it would be amazing to be able to reach out to more people to bring more handmade love into their life! Beautiful, lasting handmade flowers, embroideries made with love, tiny little felt heart confetti – things that make people smile and feel loved 🙂 Also, the giveaway ends on my Birthday!! What an amazing gift it could be!


megan v

I love Papernstitch and it would be a perfect boost for my shop over the summer.

Carole Smith

wow this giveaway is great! i ve been quite down lately because ive seen all kind of strange items in etsy, definitely not handmade, with huge sales. im working really hard on my photos, tags, seo, promoting in facebook, twitter, my blog, pinterest, kaboodle, stumble upon, digg… participating in etsy teams, making treasuries. sometimes its really discouraging. winning this giveaway would put a big smile on my face…
off to keep working…

paula celaya

My shop is pretty things by meg :: http://www.etsy.com/shop/prettythingsbymeg
I am working toward growing my business to the point where I can quit my day job, so some extra exposure would be extremely beneficial, especially on a platform as fantastic as papernstitch. Thank you for this opportunity!!

Megan Lane

I would love to win this giveaway. I have been a shop featured at paper n stitch and I loved it! I just havent had the funds to do it again. ALSO I have started a new work of art line and I would love to be able to promote it again on Paper n Stitch. Here is my blog: artsymomma.blogspot.com I am in the works of setting up a new website that I hope will be live for this giveaway otherwise I will link it to my (empty at the moment) artfire shoppe.


Hey Brittni,
Couldn’t pass up this opportunity! I am in the process of restyling my photo blocks and would love to feature them on Papernstitch in the upcoming months.
Thanks for offering this!


what a generous offer + fantastic opportunity – thank you, brittni!

my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mette

i have been fortunate to have participated in your exhibitions in the past + had awesome results. as a growing business, i cannot expend the costs of monthly features and/or advertising. i would be thrilled to win a threemonthspot!


I would love to win this spot! I have been having a hard time with sales since earlier this year when I had to have a lumpectomy. Unfortunately, my little shop fell down in my list of priorities. But I’m back and would love to up my work load. Being featured would give me some much needed encouragement and motivation!


I would be overjoyed to win this amazing opportunity! I’m a broke college student, and the marketing part of running an online business is expensive for a gal on a mac-n-cheese budget; not to mention managing the time to get your name out there is difficult with all these research papers!!!


Oh, I would LOVE to win this generous giveaway! I’ve exhibited with you several times before, and have loved it every time! Unfortunately, my budget does not allow me to do it every month, so I’ve had to carefully evaluate opportunities on a month to month basis, and pick and choose which months I felt would be best for me. But ultimately, winning 3 months would be amazing & so much less stressful than being forced to be selective. Thanks again!!!

Sarah @ a drop of golden sun

Hello Brittni!
How awesome! I have to say papernstitch is such a great resource for starting/starving artists like myself. I just dream of making jewelry as a way to help support my family, and prove all those skeptics wrong who say it isn’t a possible reality. A three month spot would certainly help, as I am sure it would any of the wonderful artists who have commented!
Thank you for the chance.
My shop is : http://www.circleandstonestudio.etsy.com

Jennifer Wells-Dickerson

I would love to try out whether it would make a difference for me and my little online-shop CUTELICIOUS 🙂
I do not have the funds yet to actually pay for something like that but think if it works I would consider it in the future.


Ms Muffin

Hi Brittni- This is really an awesome giveaway and pretty unique too! I too have been on your exhibition site twice before and I really wanted to continue but other priorities came up and we couldn’t sign-up again for another round. Our collections since then are growing and evolving beautifully and we would love to have the opportunity to show them to your customers and readers. Thank you for this opportunity!



Would love to win this!

I find it hard to keep promoting my work while managing my shop, work and school, and this could be so helpful!


Thank you!


Hi! I would absolutely love the opportunity to exhibit my wares on your site! I currently have a shop on Etsy (linked to the main site) and am trying to expand beyond. I’ve been researching different locations to advertise. Your wonderful site could be just the thing! Thanks so much for the opportunity.



I am ready to feature some handmade yoga products and would love the opportunity to do that with Papersnitch. My teenage daughter is eager to help and it would be a great learning experience for her too. Thank you for offering this possibility!

Mona Flynn

Here is my Etsy shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/reinojacheguei
I think I should win a three month exhibition spot on papernstitch.com beacuse I’m a fighter: I’m a first grade teacher. I work in a school that is about 17.5 mi from my home. I have two children (a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl). I update my blog (www.reinojacheguei.blogspot.com) more than once a day, I also update my 4 pages of Facebook plus my personal page, Twitter and Flickr too.
I wrote and illustrated a children’s book in 2008.
I read lots of craft books.
I’m really tired but as we say in Portugal «to stop is to die».

I receive your newsletter since ever!



i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a free 3 month spot on papernstitch ! I have been on it twice and am so flattered to be next to other such talented people! With the cost of a website host, show and market fees, ordering postcards for marketing, advertising on theknot.com, etc etc I can’t buy any more space at this time. My business is small and I have to keep my expenses small. Thank you for the opportunity!


I’d love to win! Papersnitch is so widely read so the exposure would be AMAZING. I’d love to be able to sell my invite designs to more people and the 3 month exhibition spot would definitely do the trick.


Thank you Brittni for such a fantastic opportunity!
I just opened up my shop and chose papernstitch to advertise.. its been a wonderful experience being able to share and be discovered! I’ve made my first sale from a reader of the blog and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
Three more months would be so lovely, thank you again!


Nicole Duquette

This is such a great opportunity!
The exposure opportunities through PnS are incredible – winning a 3-month shop spot would definitely help boost sales, create a larger network of wonderful people to work with, and increase the knowledge of what my Etsy shop is about: funding the livelihood of creative people who have big dreams and work their butts off to get there (mine is to sail around the world on a little boat while making a documentary!). I LOVE PnS & know the readership would be a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.

Thanks Brittni!
http://sharkskeepmoving.etsy.com & swimsharkswim.blogspot.com


My shop: http://bearink.etsy.com

Would love this opportunity as I’m always so very busy with school and life and would love to put my shop out there as much as I could but can’t! I feel a little bad, as I haven’t released any new designs recently, but in my upcoming holidays I plan to be designing my hands into a knot.

Bear Ink

Gosh, I’d love to win the three free months of papernstitch goodness! I’m working hard to increase my product line in the next few months and pns is the perfect platform and the perfect audience for me to “make the splash”!

Nancy Jean

Thank you soooooo very much! I have been reading your newsletters for a quiet some time now and really appreciate this fantastic promotional opportunity! I would love to try out your 3-month exhibition spot and experience first hand all the wonderful things your current exhibitors say about papernstitch.com! Really hope my art fits your exhibition criteria! 🙂
Thank you for your consideration!

Helen (HJM Art Gallery)

Oh, not sure why my entry is not showing up….. I would love to have this fantastic opportunity! I am a big fan of papernstitch.com and regularly read the newsletters 🙂 Thank you so very much for your consideration! Helen

My etsy shop: http://hjmart.etsy.com

Helen (HJM Art Gallery)

Hi Brittni,

I have had the privilege of being featured in the papernstitch exhibition before and I think it’s so wonderful that you are giving away this fantastic opportunity! I would love to win because it was great exposure for me, especially as someone based outside the US, last time. I recently finished my 2-year diploma so now I can focus heart & soul on my little business, WildCat Designs ( http://wildcatdesigns.etsy.com), and I believe a 3-month slot on p&s would be an awesome way to showcase some of the new designs I have planned in the coming months!


why do I think I should win a three month spot on the exhibitions?
Well, they say a change is as good as a holiday and I can’t remember the last time I had a holiday. Have three children, the oldest I look after constantly because she has Chronic Fatigue. We have been to see many specialists and are not much further toward getting help for her. My husband is on a disaility pension and between the two of them and running the household, I haven’t had time to do much with my craft at all- definately had no time to promote it. I LOVE craft. I’m a craft addict and used to do craft shows and all- these days I just sell a few things on the internet and hope things will get better 🙂 – and they will, it’s just a matter of time, patience and persistance.
I could really do with a little help, and would be thankful if I were chosen.
I am redrobindesigns, and fancythat on Coriandr.com


oh this is such a great giveaway. i loved being on papernstitch right after christmas. it’s actually my favorite place to browse for new artists (that i didn’t know before). whenever the new artists are out i run to check them out.

my shop URL is
and i’d love to win this giveaway since i’ve been preparing products for my first craft shows the last months it would be a great opportunity to get back in the online-saddle again. i love the audience and the exposure and that is a big motivation for me.

have an awesome weekend brittni!


I would be more than honored to win a spot on paper and stitch! My shop has only been open for two months but I feel it could be just the boost I need! Thanks for creating such a great opportunity for aspiring designers, artists, and makers!


I would truly love this opportunity to be in the papernstitch exhibition! I just started my business ( http://www.604Jewelry.etsy.com) and just don’t have the exposure I need. But I also don’t have the cash to get a lot of that exposure, having only just gotten out of college a year ago. I’ve discovered in that year that the only thing I want to do with my life is make beautiful things all day and share them with the world.
If I can find some success between my jewelry business and my online shop solution services, I’ll be able to afford expanding into my fine intaglio etchings and eventually housewares. With or without winning this giveaway, I do feel so blessed to have your blog and your site as a part of my life! It’s a never-ending treasure trove of inspiration and sound business advice! Thank you, Brittni!


My shop: http://www.bubblyshnooks.etsy.com

I’d love to be a part of your exhibition! I think I bring a unique bunch of fun goodies that are unlike anything else, and I’ve long yearned to be a part of it but have been too short on funds to participate in the past, as a still-small-but-growing business. 🙂 My fingers are crossed!

Michelle Clement

My Shop : http://www.boldideas.bigcartel.com

“The light of success is shinning when I know Papernstitch”
So please give me the light (for 3 months)



This is a generous giveaway! I think I should win because I am committed to things handmade, as well as to seeing my fledgling business soar.

shop site: http://www.anlistudio.etsy.com

Thanks! 🙂

An Li Liu

I’d LOVE to have a spot in papernstitch! The bulk of my sales are done at shows, and as I spend more and more time getting published I have less and less time to do shows. I totally need to expand my online sales and I would hope that 3 months with papernstitch would give me that leg up I need to know that I CAN sell more online, and thus not commit to so many shows next Fall! 🙂

Candy from Candied Fabrics

It would be a honour to be present at papernstitch. Please see and consider my work. Above I left my website, here you can see my etsy shop too:

Thank you!

János Gábor Varga

I’ve submitted my Etsy sites (there are three of them) a few times over the past couple of years, but have never been awarded a spot on the lovely papernstitch, and would therefore be very excited to be featured at long last! Not only would this be a wonderful chance to get the word out about a whole selection of new original paintings in my Halflight shop ( http://halflight.etsy.com), but sales would ultimately support my fledgling children’s film company, Little Creatures Films (www.littlecreaturesfilms.com), which needs all the help it can get right now.
Thank you!
kristin b. eno
Brooklyn NY


I am a stay at home mama trying to earn some extra money for my family of 4 by creating hair flowers for my friends and family (and eventually others) I have enjoyed every minute of it but haven’t had much (well honestly any) success getting my name out there to people who aren’t in my immediate circle. I would love the opportunity to expand my business… and what better what than through papernstitch! Thanks for your consideration:)


Andrea koral

Because I believe that I have the right content for papernstitch which would greatly please it’s visitors – high quality, original and special pieces with soul. And at the moment I’m designing Woodland circus series which definitely will be a hit!

Etsy: http://www.elze.etsy.com
Blog: http://www.rutaelze.com

RÅ«ta ElzÄ—

Pick me! Pick me! I have a shop on etsy and recently launched my new site at http://www.jennypresent.com . I am passionate about building a brand, dedicated to my customers, truly love what I do AND I would add some pretty pictures of jewelry to papernstitch 🙂

Thank you for this awesome opportunity!
Jenny Present

jenny present

First of all, I must say I love your site and blog. I had the opportunity to exhibit on pns right before the holidays this past year and was pleased with the extra traffic it brought. (The only reason I haven’t been back is because I gave birth 7 months ago and my hands have been a bit full! 🙂 I make a variety of products for goodmarvin, and I really like how your exhibition site is a great place for shops that are hard to market like mine.
I’m hoping a 3-month spot might really push my fledgling business over the top, as other aspects seem to be falling into place and the largest hole is marketing! Thanks for considering me.

Melissa Nannen

i have a little etsy shop called http://curbsidetreasure.etsy.com and i sell mixed media collage art. i use a lot of found/vintage papers and love creating art layer by layer. right now, i am struggling how to balance being a full time college student – i’m studying to be a graphic designer but i also want to get more exposure with my art as well. i think being in papernstitch would be such a great opportunity for more people to see my shop and i would love to expand my offerings to more prints & cards.


Hi Brittni,
Thanks for this fantastic giveaway! I’d like to win because is a great oportunity to be part of PnS for 3 months!! Omg! I’ll cross my fingers!


fashion fucsia

Hello. I’m the artist behind my shop on Etsy – Mursblanc.
I’m an American girl living in Holland trying to follow my heart, and find out if it’s true- if you can follow your bliss, and achieve anything you put your mind to. I’ve been trying to build my brand/name/store/ and presence for a year exactly. I have found this to be challenging, and a bit difficult. When you’re an underdog- the world isn’t as easy to penetrate as you think. I’m not the best blogger, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to get noticed and build an online social support network.
You’re such a beautiful voice for the online world and an even stronger website/name. People notice when you “speak” I admire you, and I’m hoping that you pick me because frankly I think I deserve it 🙂
Thank you.


Papernstitch is such a terrific online resource; it would be awesome to win this opportunitity. I’m changing my designs and my photography to focus on the piece itself.

Thanks for offering this.

Linda B

Linda B

This is a fantastic opportunity, thank you! I am in the process of overhauling my goals, shop and self. This would help push me in all those directions because with exposure I will need to continue improving every day.

Sherri Mantello

[…] am giving away a 3 month exhibition spot on papernstitch.com to one talented lady (or gent) worth over $150 and the giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm […]

Friendly Reminder: Last Call to win $150 Prize! | papernstitch

I am a new handmade shop owner on Etsy…I have yet to post my items because I have so much more to add, but I think it would be a great jumpstart for my shop!


This is wonderful!
My shop is http://www.redsewingbox.etsy.com and also http://www.redsewingboxcom

The reason I guess would be fantastic to have a threemonthspot is because I’m getting ready some Crochet gift sets and patterns to show the whole world to crochet cute projects and have fun. I love it and want to have more crocheters and crafters around.


my shop is http://www.babyjives.etsy.com
I would love to win this since I am still working on getting the word out there for my handmade mobiles and can’t really afford to do paid advertising right now since most of my profits go back into the business or towards paying my families bills. So a 3 month spot would be amazing!

Jahje of baby Jives

Oh how fun! Just finding out about this since I was out of the country. I would LOVE to get exhibition space on your site! I’m still fairly new to the resale vintage scene, and as such don’t really have a budget yet for advertising. I think this would be a great way for me to gather information on if what I’m doing and the items I’m choosing are in line with the demand out there! I hope to open my own store one day (an actual physical one) and this would really help me as I develop a business plan. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Brittni!

Beth S

Hi 🙂 My shop is http://tiffzippy.etsy.com

I would love to get a exhibition spot – who wouldn’t! I have started out small and I am working my way this year to be bigger and better. With a 3 month spot would really help out my advertising but and bring new and different people to my shop.

Thank you for the great giveaway! Tiffany

Tiffany B.

Hi Brittni, thanks for this great contest! I’d love to toss my chance in for this spot, as a newer shop such exposure is always so important. I’m updating my jewelry photos and adding new items each week, so I plan to increase my marketing as we gear up for the new holiday season (yes, it will be here very soon!).

Good luck to the winning shop!

Bridget Comeforo

i love this idea.

i would love to win this.
i run a blog and an etsy shop [dianapantz.etsy.com]. i have recently [within the last 7 months] decided to turn my hobby into my full-time job and having exposure on your site would really help.
plus, your stuff is just so cute 😉



What an incredible opportunity. Marketing and exposure is such a vital component of a small business but often it’s the cost that ends up being a stumbling block.

Thank you.


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Oh my, I’m so glad I found this opportunity in time to enter – So generous of you!

I would LOVE to win an exhibition spot on papersnitch,
a) because papersnitch is an awesome site to be affiliated with and
b) I’ve got my first baby on the way and would love some more online exposure to free up more time for my little bubby on his way in September!

My shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyNostalgicFeeling

Thank You! Chrissy x

Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I am a past exhibitor (last fall) and I loved it!
I would love to win the 3 months on PNS because I hate having a boss! I am currently my own boss and wish to keep it that way! Every little boost I can get helps me to keep doing what I love on my own. I’m trying to keep the dream alive!
Thanks for great contest!



My shop is http://www.studiokathome.etsy.com
I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to be on such an awesome site! This would open a door for others to see the creative goodies I have to offer!

Kendra Portnova

Sometimes you get a chance to use your powers for good. What is a bit of free promo to you can make all the difference in someone else’s online business and real world. substance designs donates 10% of all online sales to the Salvation Army PROMISE program for girls that have been victims of sexual trafficking.

Carolyn Healy of substance designs

I am new to Papernstitch and am so excited to have found you when I am finally able to go full time with my handmade goods. Your website is like eye candy and I’ve had such great response to everyone who has checked it out! I would love to win the 3 months, what an opportunity for my full time handmade start!

Lauren Marco

I just celebrated a successful 1st year of my paper pinwheel business; http://www.hurrahpinwheels.com/ and I’m so excited to see the fantastic opportunities to come in the year(s) ahead! I discovered Papernstitch a while back & seriously fell in love! Winning this exhibition spot would help me bring joy & whimsical art to many more & give my business the spotlight boost I’ve been looking for!

Debbie Wilcox

Being more in the music and illustration world- I think that I could bring a slightly different approach to the craft scene. Looking to expand into Craft shows this Fall- Paper and Stitch would be a fantastic opportunity!

Andy J. Miller

My shop is… http://www.artfire.com/users/StudioJRU

This is such a wonderful opportunity for the exposure that I have been struggling with trying to find myself. I am so curious to see what a great source of exposure could do for my art and my business!


I LOVE papernstitch was an exhibitor for several months in a row. Papernstitch has consistently been one of the top 10 sources that bring traffic to my shop, and the only reason I decided to take a brief hiatus was because knitted accessories don’t sell very much in the summer. I have every intention of returning as an exhibitor again soon, and this would be a fabulous opportunity to return more quickly than planned! I’m eager to regain the exposure I’ve enjoyed thanks to PNS, which also helps bring attention to the charity I donate a portion of my sales to, charity:water 🙂



I’m so glad to have discovered this giveaway -just in the nick of time. I’ve been reading Paper n’ Stitch for quite some time and often view the gallery to view handpicked and quality items. The handmade market is HUGE and Paper n’ Stitch makes these discoveries more manageable. I love that feature! I sell handmade and supplies and am thrilled that there is a category just for me! What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity to promote via Paper n’ Stitch!

Renae Bradley

My shop site is http://www.etsy.com/shop/erinmakesstuff and I also have my own site at http://www.erinmakesstuff.com
I hope I’m not too late! I would LOVE to be a part of papersnitch and this giveaway would help me so much. I make little knit monsters that can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Erin Busch

Eek! Being on PNS is amazing! The traffic alone is well worth signing up! I have been on PNS twice and cant wait to go back! I would love to win this! What an amazing opportunity!!!

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

My shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/erinmakesstuff. It’d help me so much to have the exposure from papernstitch.com. [sorry about the typo in my last post!] I make hand knit stuffed monsters that can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Erin Busch

I’m struggling to connect up with the right people online, and it is proving to be a very slow process to build my blog following, and subsequently my Etsy store. A few months on Paperstitch would help enormously! Such a wonderful opportunity!


Jess @ Brown Paper Bunny

What an amazing opportunity! Thank you for giving me the chase to enter.
I have been struggling to make my business a success for the past year, I have an unusual product that i would love the world to see, I constantly feel that my promotional efforts go unnoticed and make little difference to my sales. I would love the opportunity to have the chance to exhibit with PNS this would open so many doors for me.



I’ve just reached my one year anniversary of actively selling on Etsy and this advert would be a fantastic boost to get me through the quiet summer 🙂 *Fingers crossed*


I have been an exhibitor and this a terrific prize!
Would love to extend my time on papernstitch!
Thanks for holding this terrific giveaway.

[email protected]

My Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlebirdiedesign?ref=si_shop
Papernstitch has given me the opportunity to branch out and build my love for knitting into a business. To win three free months will HELP to keep my business going in the right direction! Thanks 🙂

Tori Tedesco

[…] so much to everyone who entered the pns exhibition giveaway! It was SUPER tough to make a decision because every shop was so […]

And the Winner Is… | papernstitch
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