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If you’re looking for a new magazine to pick up, I highly recommend COUCH, a German magazine featuring cool interiors, fashion and DIY projects.

Of course, in order to read it you’ll need to be able to read German to fully appreciate this mag, BUT there’s loads of inspiration just from the images alone. Which is why this one gets my vote. PLUS one of my projects was featured in the most recent issue (issue 9/13). I snapped a couple of photos so you could take a peek inside…

read it // couch magazine

My little feature (above) is for a tennis racket jewelry organizer that I made back in the day…all the way back in 2008.


And these were a couple of other articles I was loving. Ah, I wish I could read the captions. But aren’t the photos gorgeous?

cool magazine // COUCH

I’m thinking about subscribing just so I can get some visual inspiration in my mail box each month. Am I crazy or no?

Would you ever subscribe to a magazine that was in a language you couldn’t read, if you loved the style?

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I love this magazine! I have a subscription to it – and can read German so that helps 😉

Eva Gold

nice mag, congratulations


How funny, I’m German but currently I live in Seattle. I’ve never heard of that magazine – but now you made me thinking about a subscription 🙂 And 2 Euros is not too much money. Wow!

Let me know if you need a translation 😉


I totally thought about subscribing to COUCH the first time I laid eyes on it too, even without being able to read a word! Congrats on the feature, B!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

i’m a subscriber, too and i LOVE this magazin (obviously). it is packed with great pictures and lovely inspiration – i always take a lot of time to go through it all. and i always mark the pages with the good content and keep them in my book shelf. it helped me a lot while moving to the new nest. congratulations girl! it’s a good place to be featured in 🙂


Agreed Amanda. And thank you. 🙂


Not crazy at all. As long as it’s inspiring – that’s all that matters. And love the DIY!


You are so right Juni! Definitely speaks highly of a mag when you purchase it and can’t even read the content. A lot of times, visuals are all we need though.


not crazy at all! I love getting foreign magazines that I don’t understand. I think it just speaks volumes about how inspiring the visual content is!!


You have me seriously considering it Kathleen. Glad to hear I’m not alone on this.


Yes and yes! 😀
I am a subscriber of the Couch magazine (but being German and therefore understanding the text it was not a really hard decision 😀 ) but I also love “reading” magazines that are in another language I don’t (fully) understand. If there’s enough visual input and inspiration I don’t mind subscribing to a magazine in another language!
Plus, the prize of the Couch mag is great!

Do it! 😀

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