Reader Appreciation Week: Two Japanese-Style Craft Books for DIY Lovers Giveaway

This giveaway is in conjunction with Reader Appreciation Week here on Papernstitch. Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog and has made it what it now is!

You know that I am a DIY fiend, and I know that you are too. So I am super pumped to be bringing this giveaway to you today! Thanks to the lovely people at Trumpeter Books and Shambhala Publications, I am giving away not one but two amazing craft project books that will inspire even the busiest (and craftiest) do-it-yourselfer. Both are from Shambhalas  Make Good Books series, and honestly, I am completely jealous of whomever wins the pair, worth a retail value of $42. I took a few photos so you can see exactly what’s up for grabs.

The winner of this giveaway will receive these two titles…

1. Natural Patchwork: 26 Stylish Projects Inspired by Flowers, Fabric and Home by Suzuko Koseki — This 128 page book is perfect for the girl who loves her sewing machine. Yep, I am talking to you! Natural Patchwork is filled cover to cover with detailed diagrams and full-color photographs of projects ranging from patchwork placemats to pillows and bags.

2. At Home with Handmade Books: 28 Extraordinary Bookbinding Projects Made from Ordinary and Repurposed Materials by Erin Zamrzla — As you may guessed from the title, this book is for the girl whose favorite tools are a bone folder and awl. There are so many great ideas in this one- lots of bookbinding techniques fill this 191 page book.

Here’s how you can enter to win this set of books valued at $42:

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway (so you can enter up to 3 times). Each entry should be a separate comment”¦

1. Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite craft project is that you’ve created. Bonus points if you tell me why.

2. Become an email subscriber by filling out the form below. *If you are already an email subscriber, you are automatically entered to win.


3. Twitter, facebook, or blog about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments. *You can use the handy buttons below this post to link via facebook and twitter.

**Giveaway will end on Monday, June 27th at 11:59 pm eastern time.**


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My Favorite craft project is knitting doggie neckwarmers! I love this little hand knit project because I donate the proceeds from each sale to my favorite rescue group, The Humane Society of Greater Akron. I love being able to help our four legged friends who can not help themselves.

Tori Tedesco


is one of the fav things i’ve done. it was for a magazine and didn’t get published (their loss!) but i just adore it.


I made myself a bag for all my sewing stuff


Fantastic giveaway, thank you!

My favorite DIY is the duffle bag I learned to make at a local sewing studio (The Workroom in Toronto). It was a bit of a learning curve for me but once I got to practicing and making more bags, I definitely got better. The duffle bags are a perfect size and make great gifts.


I enjoy doing graphic design and paper crafts. I do this for my creative therapy which is part of my pain management.

Crafts and art are a great way to get your mind focused on something other than your physical or emotional pain. I truly believe in the benefits of creative therapy because I’ve actually been able to skip a dose of my pain meds only because my mind was finally so involved in what I was doing and not what my pain was doing.

Of course you should never skip your meds without the consent of your doctor.

Michelle Harris

To date, my favorite craft project is the crib bedding set I sewed myself while I was expecting the birth of our first baby (whose gender we didn’t know until he was born). I sewed the crib bumpers, two sets of sheets, and a dust ruffle from Joel Dewberry’s aviary collection in orange and brown and tan. They are gorgeously gender-neutral, which means I can use them again for our next babies. It was my first major sewing project and I must say they all turned out really well—thank you internet for all your great tutorials! 🙂


I do graphic design and paper crafts as part of my creative therapy used to assist in my pain management. IT REALLY WORKS!!! Here are the links to my posts of your give away too.!/ThatWitcyGirl

I hope I did this right!

Michelle Harris

favorite craft project? oh tjhere are sooo many! lately i have been having fun using glass etching to customize beer bottles for brewing…but i alo loved the papercraft i did around christmas (ornaments and benners, etc).


wow-i can’t type…i meant ‘banners’ not benners. yikes!


i also tweeted the giveaway, b/c it is AWESOME!


Lovely books! My favorite recently was a set of muslin drawstring bags that I made for “camp week” for my child’s kindergarten class…stamped personalized twill tape tags, wood beads on the drawstrings…lots of lovely little bits. A fun little project.


I make kid’s clothes, so my favorite projects are when I get to make something for my son. The is especially fun because the clothes I sell leave and I don’t see them again, but if it is for my son I get to see him enjoy them.


I shared this giveaway on fb!


My favorite craft project was a sweater I knit for my friend’s baby. She was having a girl but she and her husband are very rock n’ roll and didn’t want cute-sy clothes. I did a black and white sweater with a skull and crossbones motif and hot pink buttons. It was awesome! Glad it was worth it, because knitting on tiny needles is hard!


My favorite project? Hmm … I guess a modular tag guestbook created for the wedding of a dear friend, because it was fun to stamp all the tags and thinking of her and her journey while working on the project, the guests really liked to participate and she loved the outcome. Thankful project in every aspect.


My favorite craft project would have to be my baskets. I love making baskets. They are great for transporting hot dishes, to give as wedding gifts, and are so customizable!

Hannah Hawley

I created a Mad Hatter art doll that I absolutely LOVE! He was a challenge to my skills and came out so fabulously! I really loved the adventure of creating him and he makes me smile every time I look at him!


I also tweeted the giveaway which automitically posts on my blog and my facebook!

Hannah Hawley

What a rad giveaway! Someone will be very lucky to receive these lovely books. I enjoy making lighting projects for family and friends; there’s just something so cozy and special about a custom lamp. Plus, they’re exciting to make. I made a paper lantern for my grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary; I printed a vintage photo of them on their wedding day on sheer adhesive printable vellum, then adhered that to a large tube of parchment paper rolled up. I accented the parchment tube with decorative cutouts and cut the word “love” in calligraphy with a craft knife, to allow the light to shine through. I made a custom base for the lamp to stand on, and used a low-wattage cfl bulb to prevent the paper from getting too hot. The photo glows in subtle sepia tones, and the parchment has a really nice warm glow also. They loved it, and they turn it on every evening.


My favorite project would have to be the quilt I made for my niece’s first birthday last year. It was my favorite because I’ve never quilted before, so it was a new challenge. After a lot of undoing and ripping out mistakes, it turned out beautifully. And she sleeps with it every night 🙂


My favourite project that i recently finished was my new purse! I really needed a bigger bag to carry all my crochet things in! 🙂


I also facebook-ed the giveaway!


My favorite craft project is redesigning/repurposing vintage clothes. It’s really satisfying to transform a giant mumu made with cute fabric into a sweet dress!


Also tweeted this rad giveaway @OpheliaQuixote!


my favorite craft project: sewing felt animals and creating little figurines w/ sculpy… in moderation they make wonderful quirky personalized gifts.


I think my favourite craft project might be the tote bags I silkscreened & sewed together for my final project in my first year of college. They’re my favourite because every piece was crafted by me — I drew the designs for the prints & printed it all onto unbleached muslin. I created a discharged pattern onto thick navy cotton for the lining, I drafted the pattern, & I put it all together. They’re the first bags I ever made, & I’m very proud of them!

You can see them here:

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!! The books look beautiful!


My favorite is probably my recent bit of cross stitched Christmas presents. My best friend and I used to play Bubble Bobble all the time when we were little kids in the 80s. It is a two player game and if you beat the final bad guy and your 2nd player is dead it says “bad end try again with a friend” and then when you won with 2 players it would talk about how you learned the importance of a true friend. So the cross stitch had Bub and Bob and said “true friends” it was super cute.


I made a short jacket with pleated sleeves …
it was really my first job most successful … and I was very satisfied!

Evelyn P.

I am already registered to the mailing list

Evelyn P.

My favorite project so far is my custom hand-carved-by-me stamp, which I’ve used to label all of the sewn and paper goods that I’ve sent to friends and family! I love having my own branding campaign!

Jessica W

I saw a diy trivet project a few months back…i think it was originally posted on design sponge, but I found it a few times looking through my fav blogs. I love trivets (as I tend to never have enough stovetop to place hot things after cooking/baking) so I whipped up my own design and loved the result! Ended up gifting them for Christmas and bdays, just love when a fun project comes together!


Today, in the morning, I thaught I should/would do a bookbinding project. So I really want to win the giveaway.
My favorite craft project? There are many. But at this time it is my new blouse I’ve sewn last weekend. Why? I’ve been searching for a blouse a long time and didn’t find one. Now I have one.
xoxoxo, Sabrina


YAYYYYYYY for reader appreciation week. I’m feeling the loveeeee! 🙂

I’m subscribed of course 🙂

Would love to add these books to my library!

Thanks for your generosity Britt’ you sure are a pal!

Mayi Carles

My favorite project…a paper planner I created using House of 3 products! I absolutely loved it…so much that I gave it away to my sister!


Tweeted at


I recently had a workshop bookbinding at my art school. I’ve made tons of books since then in the traditional bookbinding way. They make perfect gifts and look very intellectual on my bookshelves (you can’t see from the outside that they’re completely blank on the inside!). Screenprinten the covers gives them a personal touch. Screenprinting and bookbinding is my golden combination since a month or two. I’ve been expirementing with fabric and bookbinding and if i could including some patchwork to it.. oh my, I can see a tons of new blank paged books coming up!


Tweeted at!/christineyloo 🙂


I modge-podged some decorative paper on the front of a cheap IKEA side table and they look so much more interesting! And it was super easy!


My favorite craft project was a scrapbook made from wooden fence trim that we did at the first Inspired Retreat … it was so fun to make something extra special for my brother & his family. Thanks for the chance to win some cool books.


My favorite craft I’ve ever made was a set of embroideries based on some designs my illustrator friend created. It started out as a surprise collaboration but I was so excited once I got through one that I showed him before I had time to complete the set. I love finding ways to collaborate with my other artist friends and I’m always interested in the way things can change as they pass through different sets of creative hands/minds.


Favorite craft ever? That’s a hard one. I have particularly fond memories of making tissue paper “mosaics” on paper in elementary school art class, first grade I believe. We got to choose between warm or cool tones and then they were hung on the wall and critiqued and admired.

I miss elementary school art class and the quiet, relaxing vibe that came with it…


My favourite diy project ever is probably my toilet roll pincushion. Why? Because it’s kinda tropical looking, cost nothing, and it’s one-of-a-kind!


I love DIY projects that in anyway will help me be organised or help plan things. Just recently I made a calender in which you colour in the days when you do something creative. Its all great when you have fun making something and it benifits you and so many ways. 🙂

Amazing giveaway!

Murphy xo

Murphy Bouma

i have also tweeted about the giveaway 🙂!/murf_the_surf

Murphy Bouma

My favorite craft project that I have created would have to be..
Last fathers day, Rhea (my boyfriends daughter) and I got out the paints, she made her dad the cutest painting. She was 3 at the time, and as she painted for her dad I snapped a few pictures of how intense she was at getting the perfect circle. We finished it off with her handprint (3 colors of course) and let it dry.
Once it was done I got a frame and put it all together with the picture of her making her dad his gift. She couldn’t even wait to give it to him! It was so cute and fun to teach her how to make someone something that they will treasure forever. She is now 4 and about to turn 5 on the 26th, and already asking me what we are going to do for her dad this year.
Out of all the projects I do daily.. from sewing, to painting, to diy.. this is the one that stands out the most when I think of crafts. I think mostly because I really love Rhea and her dad.. It was endearing that I get to share these special moments with them.


I tweeted (using your handy dandy button) about the giveaway 🙂
Jkesseldesign on twitter


my favorite recent craft was the invitations for our end-of-the-year staff BBQ. they were super fun to make and everyone raved about them!


my favorite craft project i made was a blanket for my boyfriend!


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CraftCrave | Blog | Free Handcraft Items or Tutorials (large): Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011

I had so much fun making my own fascinator for my wedding! It was my first time making it, and since it was so enjoyable, i went ahead and make another one for my bridesmaid, and much later, a cousin who’s getting married this year!


My fave craft is cat toys I make from dollar store socks. I call them Kitty Fight Fights and sell them to support pet spay and neuter for low income folks. I am a subscriber and posted a tweet here: LisaPetersonMT Lisa Peterson
Reader Appreciation Week: Two Japanese-Style Craft Books for DIY Lovers Giveaway…


My favorite project is a large frame that I painted and made into a notice board. It turned out just the way I had imagined it (which doesn’t happen that often)

Amanda W

I just posted a DIY project on my company’s blog, How to Turn Your Long Sleeve Tee into a Maxi Dress. I loved creating this project for our readers because it was a great way to make use of all of those plain tees that we accumulate and to do something chic with them for summer. You can check the post out here:
It was pretty popular with our customers.


One of my favorite projects I have done recently is making a wrap for me and a matching bow tie for my husband from some silk that my friend brought me from China when she adopted her daughter. We wore them to a big party for my husband’s school and it was so much telling people where the fabric came from.


Just yesterday I crafted my own hand stamped print and I love how it turned out!

Tina Fussell

Favorite craft project was an elephant pillow I made for my niece Ella (actually we call it the Ella-phant pillow). It was the first thing I ever designed and sewed and I fell in love and am now a full time children’s handmade clothing designer. It literally changed my life course – funny how it’s usually the small things!

PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern

Brianne (PetalPetal)

I have been wanting to pick up some japanese style craft books, but have been unsure as to where to start, even if I don’t win I think I’ll start with one of these!


I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter and LOVE it!


I Used an Ikea hack went to ikea got some wood pieces from the damaged section and made floating shelfs in my bathroom and i <3 them!


My favorite craft project and I have to pick just one? Hmm. its so hard to choose. I suppose one of the best DIY projects I did lately was one of the simplest that required a little extra imagination. I made this masking tape train track I made for my son:




I made a set of small fabric boxes to organize jewelry when I was in high school. I loved them because they helped me keep track of all the costume jewelry given to me by aunts and grandparents ever since I was really little.


I tweeted about the giveaway 🙂


Also sharted via Facebook (Ada M.) and StumbleUpon


I tweeted this awesome giveaway @mimistarquilter


I do all sorts of crafts and my absolute favorite was a table runner with yarn stitched in swirls and beads in circles – I used excess fabric from bedroom curtains to do the work on. It is gorgeous – I love it!!


I have signed up to receive emails. Thanks!


My favorite recent craft project was making over my boring brown clip board I use at the office. I found a pretty Waverly gift wrap, cut it to fit the front & back sides, painted the edges of the clip board white, mod podged the paper on, and finished it off with a clear acrylic spray. Now it looks super glam and makes me smile every time I use it.

Emily M

my favorite diy, a giant chalkboard canvas that I hand stretched & painted for my bedroom. The funny little drawings we put on them always make me smile!

Kyley and Ammo the Dachshund

I just learned how to knit and I made this somewhat ugly extra long rainbow scarf.


and I just subscribed!


I made a sewn mini album with random paper scraps. loved the idea of turning scraps into something worthwhile! thanks for the chance to win.

amy tangerine

My favorite craft project was a pair of gold dangle earrings I made using floral beadcaps. They’re perfect for those days when I wake up in a not-so-good mood and need something to cheer me up.


My favorite craft projects to make at home are some of the small bags I make. They tend to go everywhere with me so it’s always a reminder of the things I’m doing and how I’m making my dreams come true one step at a time.


My favorite craft project is to make my rope & tassel necklaces!! They are fun to make and easy to customize! I love them!

megan v

my paper collages, i think they are a bit magical when it all comes together in the end.

kelly stephens

My favorite project was making moss covered table numbers for my wedding. It was something that I figured out how to do all by myself and they came out looking great!


my favorite craft project is always the one I’m working on currently! Trying to knit a pair of socks for my fiance. They have a few small flaws already.. but thats what makes them special… or at least that’s what I will lead him to believe!


My favorite recent craft project was a leather bow bracelet (I posted the tutorial on my blog too!). I loved it because it was super cheap and eco friendly, since I used the leather from a bag I had, and it was also really quick and easy to make. I was very happy with the result, although I am VERY rarely happy with the results of my craft projects. I wore it and all my friend wanted one so I made a lot of them. I really enjoy making them – makes me feel happy to think that it will be cherished!


Shared on Facebook :


My favorite project that I’ve made is a circles quilt I made because it was the first larger quilt I made that was kind of challenging. I entered into the state fair and won a ribbon for it.


My favorite craft to make right now is wrap bracelets. They are easy to make and fun to wear. That will probably change next week when I find something new to make. 🙂


I am recently engaged and made my own “will you be my bridesmaid cards”! It was so fun shopping around finding images and cut outs for the cards. Each was unique for each girl per their style. They loved them! Even though most of them knew that were going to be my bridesmaids getting the homemade cards I think added a special meaning to it.


These books look lovely!
My favorite DIY project that I’ve made was probably the tablecloth and curtain set I made when I got married last year–I made the stencil myself and printed it by hand. It’s not incredible by any means and it’s a little messy (I dripped paint across one curtain), but it was my first time printing my own design, something I had wanted to do for ages.


I also tweeted it here:!/katiebsnyder


I would LOVE to win this giveaway, so loving this books, they look totally yummy :), and my kids would appreciate especially the one about making books :).
As it comes to my latest project , that would be 3 notebooks with felt covers I’ve just finished today :). Yes, need more inspiration about book making 🙂


just put this great info on my FB page


I love crafting with yarn right now. There is no better feeling in the world that starting the day with a skein or two of yarn and ending the day with a hat. And enough yarn left over for some cute yarn ball ornaments! Really, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.


My favorite craft would have to be a stamp I carved a few weeks ago, so far I’ve made two toes bags with my giraffe stamp as well as a set of cards for my friends. I love this stamp because it is even cuter then I thought it would be!


Favourite craft would be making spiders from vintage decanter stoppers.
I collected lots for ages without really knowing what to do with them and then suddenly one day it dawned on me that the glass stopper looked like a spiders body!
and they were born!


My favorite thing I’ve ever made was a reusable coffee sleeve I sewed. It had a japanese style parasol patter on it, and was very useful everyday!

Amanda Hawelu

Shared on Facebook:

Amanda Hawelu

i just posted this to my facebook!


and also to twitter!!/pangeahandmade/status/81092806852091904


and my favorite DIY project was a strand of paper flowers I made for my wedding last Spring. I posted the tutorial on my blog here:


My favorite project is actually a handmade book i made with japanese sewing i learned from an internet tutorial. I would LOVE to learn and do it properly!!


My favorite craft project has to be the traditional piece of crewel embroidery I did…favorite because ti was an art my great-grandmother used to do, and it made me feel so connected to her even though she is gone.

The Hungry Crafter

The best project: making a flanel & wool blanket for my sweetheart before I left home for Colorado in the fall – he needed something for the MN winter while I was gone. I embroidered our Initials in the corner. Now its our car blanket that we drape over ourselves when its chilly or we take turns sleeping with for the night. He loves it, and that makes it worth it.

Shasta Feltman

I just recently had a baby… so I’ve been pretty much doing a lot of crafts lately! but my favorite craft was the felt owls my mom and I did as favors for my baby shower… since we decided we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby, I chose OWLS as the theme of our baby’s nursery and baby shower!
Putting together all the little owls with my mom was a very nice experience, I will never forget all those evenings spent cutting felt, sewing the owls and counting how many owl ears were missing! it was a really nice project… I blogged about it, I’ll leave you the link (just in case you want to have a look!)


@carmendlp be sure you don’t miss “Reader Appreciation Week: Two Japanese-Style Craft Books for DIY Lovers Giveaway


How does one pick a favorite craft project? Usually it is the one that I am working on currently. The favorite and most appreciated of all time for me – a knitted cotton lace table cloth that I made for my mother. I made it about 25 years ago and it is still in the regular rotation. It was fun and challenging to knit and she loved it!


I want to make some books with the book I hope to win @papernstitch Two Japanese-Style Craft Books Giveaway

Carole Smith

My favourite project was a large undertaking a few years ago. I reupholstered a chair that I found by the side of the road. I’d love to win! thanks

Jacqui Miyabayashi

i have so many favourite crafts that i’ve created!

the most recent that comes to mind is an embroidered piece and the reason why, is that it won a competition on prudent baby for me 🙂

as i’m in australia though, i can’t get the prize sent to me so i’ve asked the lovely ladies over at prudent baby to send it to my old school friend who now lives in arizona which they’ve kindly agreed to do. i’m hoping it will get to her in time for her birthday on 24 june 🙂

you can see my entry about half way down the page here:

fingers crossed i can win this competition and get a great prize too! love craft books & LOVE DIY too 🙂

x candice x

candice k

i tweeted too but not exactly sure how to link to it, here’s my twitter page though (hope that’s okay)!/dearcandy
x candice x

candice k

Oh my, I’m CRAVING these books! My favorite craft project has been embroidery hoop mobiles with hand-crafted felt animals hanging off of them. They are soooo fun to make and super cute! And when you see precious little dimpled hands reaching for them…it’s the best! Thanks for all the generous giveaways! Fingers crossed!

Sherri S.

What a generous and lovely giveaway! I have lots of favourite craft projects but the most meaningful ones for me are those that I do for someone else. Recently a good friend just celebrated her 21st birthday and in Singapore your 21st is a big deal. I made a mini-garden for her complete with picket fence and flowers and shrubs with birthday wishes from all our friends.
Thank you for an inspiring blog and a wonderful RAW!


My favorite craft project was my first foray into both wood and sculpture. I had never used power tools before, yet I crafted three beautiful wooden oval rings of almost exactly the same size. And I carefully nailed them together into a just-barely balancing arrangement, making my favorite sculpture I’ve ever created. It was a proud achievement for me both in technical skill and in emotional beauty.

Plus, I’m normally crap at new things so it made me feel awesome to successfully make something beautiful on the first try! Just the confidence boost I needed as I was making that decision to major in art, too.


My favorite crafty things always involve sewing at some stage. I have enjoyed making cards for my family over the years out of layers of paper, fabric, and other bits all sewn down on heavy paper. I would love to have these great books~~thanks so much for your generosity!


Thanks for the generous giveaway chance! Have loved being a subsciber. OK-my favorite project has to be a woven newspaper ‘art piece’ I made with the word “Life”. Hard to explain, so fun to do.


any project involved making something for my kids is my favorite! vague, i know, but i LOVE to see the glee on their faces when i hand over a homemade skirt, a fun pair of plaid shorts or just a cardboard marble run…that time spent is well worth it! 😉

julie r

My favorite project.. hmmmm, I once altered a book with an alice in wonderland theme.. as a gift for a friend. That was fun and she loved it!!


I’m working on a simple scrapbook right now-it’s the memories associated with that make it my favorite.


Another neat project was crocheting hats for all my co-workers. I work for a smaller company and I think they really enjoyed the home made gifts. Just cute little beanies to keep their ears warm!


My favorite craft project was a cross stitched photo mat I stitched on perforated paper. I made it for my mom and placed it in an antique frame with a photo of her and my dad. He had recently passed away and I wanted to do something special for her. She loved it.

Laura Petrillo

Thank you for the generous giveaway!

My favorite little crafty is still in the works – tiny terrariums made from old glass lamps. It’s harder than it looks! Well, for me at least. I’m sort of terrible at growing things (thus no pictures and ‘still in the works’) but thus far, they’ve survived the planting so they’re well on their way, and I’m fairly proud! I love having live decor – I immediately feel more at ease in a room with actual, growing life.

Jayca @ Cartwheels

My favorite craft project that I’ve created is either my yarn wreath or the Tron-style laptop bag I just finished for Father’s Day. I love the yarn wreath because I made it so I can remove the embellishments and change them seasonally…plus it’s just so cheerful! But I also love the Tron-style laptop bag because it was the first time I did anything with soldering and electrical wires, so it was a big challenge but I accomplished it and that feels great 🙂


Twitter post about the giveaway:!/moxiemanda/status/81528161292136448


FB post


I enjoy making hand bound books and mini notebooks. There’s something therapeutic about the preciseness that’s required in making books. The end results are always rewarding.
Keep up the great work on your blog!


Since it fit so well with my post anyway, I also blogged about your nice nice nice giveaway:)

Thank you again!

Jayca @ Cartwheels

My headboard – I upholstered and tufted it.


I’m still working on my favorite project. It’s a latch hook rug made out of old recycled tshirts that I’ve dyed. It’s my favorite because it is taking SO long and even now (before it’s finished), I get so many compliments on it! I can’t wait to have something so large made by me and on display!!

Mel colwell

link to my facebook where I shared this!

Mel colwell

[…] Enter to win a set of craft books valued at […]

5 Links for Saturday Afternoon | papernstitch

It’s so hard to pick a favorite craft project. I would have to say my favorite projects are those with sentimental value. In high school I made photo colleges for several of my close friends as we were graduating. I’ve continued making hand bound photo albums or calendars or what have you for various friends over the years, and I’m always told they are peoples’ favorite gifts!

Clare @ Clare Cooks!

I think my favourite craft project I’ve created is likely my picnic blanket (with vinyl on the back) —it makes me super happy and is super useful in the summer! Nothing like a good picnic to enjoy the summer!


My favorite craft project is my crochet hooks organizer – I love it because I have all crochet hooks in one little place and I can pick and choose whatever hook I need at the time.. Thanks for the givewaway!!


My favorite craft project is hand bound books with silk screen printed fabric for cover.
I love to create and reuse old papers, stamps, typography. Is a very happy sensation, i love it!

Coto Mendoza

My favorite craft is a flip book I made asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding 🙂


Email subscriber


I would love to just sit and flip through these pages… but as far as my favorite craft project I’ve done… maybe the one I am doing at the moment: it is a little bookshelf made from scrap wood that I had laying around and I am cutting up a few mirrors(probably will have bad luck for a while now) and gluing it on in the inside of it – like a sort of mosaic. Thats the best way to describe it. It is really turning out to be a great piece. and reblogged here


My favourite craft project so far is rather something simple but it enlighted me so much. I went to some garden fair and there were people showing off a product that could cut thick branches in half. The guy showing it off kept cutting branches so there were a lot of little disks lying around. These things were trash to him so he kinda gave me a weird look when I came to ask if I could take some of them with me, not interested in the product at all. So I took them home trying to find some use for them when I came up with the idea to make card holders of them. Here’s a picture:
I like how this is a little object with a funny story behind it.

Link to twitter:


My favourite crafts project would be making a photo book (analogue 6x6s I took myself). Layouted and printed the pages, then did a really lovely Japanese binding. Everything looks special and lovely with Japanese binding. 🙂


this is so cool!
i signed up for your email list!




last but not least, my favourite craft project to date has to be the first time i made my own shirt, from drawing to finding an old vintage pattern to follow, to sewing it up, figuring out how darts work and even finishing up the edges. i wear it all the time and obviously feel great when someone asks where i bought it… and i say i didn’t. i made it!


My favorite craft project I’ve created would probably be my cardboard rhino. I picked up many random pieces of cardboard laying around my house for this project. It certainly took a lot of time and effort, but the overall outcome was absolutely worth it! Take a look here:


I love making London themed craft projects since my bedroom is London/Paris themed 🙂


My favorite craft project I’ve made is a painted corkboard that I turned into a hanger for my necklaces. It makes organizing them so much easier!! And looks very cute in my room!


I love crocheting and knitting and also own some Japanese crochet books. I just started a lacy summer shawl project with mohair wool.
It’s really hard to choose a favorite project as every project I start is my favorite and I want to finish it with a great product in the end.
But I do like my big sized pooches I sewed two summers ago. They are very handy for my small sized crochet projects I want to take with me when traveling. They also were great gifts for my friends. And after all: The best part when being creative and producing something is to make some people happy with the finished product!



My favorite craft project will always be doing some sort of knitting or crocheting. But other projects I’ve loved is when I find a super cheap piece of furniture or even something small as a picture frame that is worn or looks pretty ugly (but with potential) and remaking it into a new and hardly recognizable new piece for our home :] I don’t have much money, but I like having stuff. Now that my boyfriend and I finally have our first really nice apartment/house.. it’s been nonstop projects! Also, such a nice giveaway — thanks for the chance!

Karen M.

My favourite craft project was the re-style of an guest bedroom with old furniture into a lovely and coloured baby room. I use part of the furniture (like the closet) grinded it off and painted it white. I painted the walls with imaginative child drawings and decorated it with colourful toys and details. My little boy loves his room.
And I love any crafts, no mather if drawing, knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc.
So, thanks for the great giveaway I woul love to win these books!


I totally love your site!! So I signed up for your E-mail list and hope to win these goodies!



My favorite projects are those I’ve been working on for my upcoming wedding. They are the most meaningful (so far!).


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I recently held a 5 day craft party on my blog, because I couldn’t organise an Etsy Craft Party in real life (darn exams). I had so much fun making and sharing all those crafts, they’re all favorites! 🙂


Signed up for your email 🙂


My favourite craft project was one I took on in university – a bulletin board covered in astroturf with flower pushpins – like an instant garden! Kept things cheery around the dorm room!


I’ve tweeted, I’ve facebooked, and now I’m going to tell you about my favorite craft project! (Really, really want to win)! 😉

Last week I finally had an excuse to make some large, hanging flowers out of tissue paper. I’d been wanting to make them for a while, and I decided I’m going to throw a 4th of July party (even though we don’t celebrate it in Australia) because I’m half American and I miss that half sometimes. They were easier than I’d expected, and they’re just so pretty:

Thanks for offering this giveaway, it’s super terrific awesome! 😀

Jess @ Brown Paper Bunny

My favorite project was a recent one: I embroidered a ski trail map onto burlap and painted it to symbolically highlight the snowy paths.

Emily @ Merrypad

My favorite project I made recently was a plush pickle I sewed for a kid’s birthday gift. I made a bunch and people seemed to get a kick out of them at our craft table. People like pickles I guess!


My favorite craft was fabric shopping bags that fold up into little packages that can be carried in your purse or glove box. I liked this project because I used all of my old fabric scraps (mostly thrift store fabric!) and was being earth friendly!

Liz {at} Sunny Bug

I’m now subscribing 🙂

Liz {at} Sunny Bug

I tweeted about this giveaway @sunny_bug

Liz {at} Sunny Bug

I was thrilled to make a baby blanket for my bff and her son that she adopted from China last summer.

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