Ready for Spring: Missouri Bend Studio

Oh my. It has been so beautiful the last two weeks. Spring is here early, and there is no one more excited about it than I am. I love spring. It’s such a happy time of year… Beautiful flowers blooming and birds chirping. What’s not to like?

So, in the spirit of such a wonderful start to a season that hasn’t even (officially) begun, I thought I would share some of the original mixed media work of Patti Roberts-Pizzuto. Her newest works (available in Patti’s shop, Missouri Bend Studio) celebrate spring in an abstract way that is uniquely Patti. Each piece is hand drawn, painted and embroidered. See the spring collection of originals here.

Visit Missouri Bend Studio on Etsy now.

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The paper art pieces are very lovely, especially Spring Meditation No. 7. I love the patch paper detail at the bottom – though I must admit I don’t like the pinholes very much, but well, one cannot argue with tastes. All those yellows are very cheerful, but balance perfectly with the the blues and greens, so the cheerfulness is not tiresome. Nice work, overall!

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