Reasons why I miss California

Whenever I go back to California to visit family, I begin to miss living there again. As an artist myself, one of the huge draws of Cali is all the opportunity there and the culture and art scene in some of the larger cities. That brings me to Tinlark gallery, located in Hollywood, California. I received an email about an upcoming show at Tinlark that is being curated by one of the most talented artist I have ever come across, Kelly Lynn Jones. I have been dreaming of owning one of Kelly’s paintings for at least a year now, and I hope to soon make that a reality. I love collecting artwork.

My Blue Friend who has a Plant Head and She Bloomed

But I digress. The show at Tinlark will open on September 13th and will feature the work of artists from Kelly’s shop, Little Paper Planes (an excellent online shop for artist prints and accessories). One of the artists in this show is Ramis Kim, whose works (above and below) have a definite dream-like quality. Quite nice.

Planting and Celebration

Look out for more posts on artists from Tinlark in the coming weeks.

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My pleasure Ramis. Your work is beautiful.


thank you for featuring my work above! 🙂


aw you are so sweet, thank you for your kind words.

kelly lynn jones
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