Red Tile Studio’s Custom Art Blocks

Good morning! And welcome back after an egg-citing Easter weekend. After hanging out with family the last couple of days, and being around my adorable niece and nephew, I am feeling so appreciative of all the small things surrounding me.

And so I thought I would share a “small thing” that’s been inspiring me a lot lately that I think you’ll enjoy: Red Tile Studio’s custom art blocks. Darleen and Amber (a mother and daughter team) specialize in 6×6, 5×5, and 4×4 collectible art blocks that reflect the duo’s love of modern design and nature.

What I enjoy most about the pieces you’ll find in their shop, aside from the designs of course, is that you can actually create¬†¬†a themed series of block art for any room of the house or mix and match your own grouping by picking up the pieces individually. So clever.

Please check out Red Tile Studio on Etsy.

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