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Well, I know how much everyone has been LOVING Laura’s guest posts here on papernstitch and I have another one from Laura for you today! This time she is using wallpaper to help us wrap our special gifts. I love this idea. For more from Lauras work, click here to visit her shop (Lupin) and her blog, Bugs and Fishes.


With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been wrapping some more presents… this time making use of a roll of leftover wallpaper I bought in a charity shop.The wallpaper I’ve used is a “paintable textured vinyl”, a fantastic combination of super-plain and simple (that crisp white) and really ornate and detailed (the textured pattern). It’s especially great for wrapping large boxes – your parcels end up looking a bit like big slabs of Christmas cake! I added some red yarn and a tag for a bit of contrasting colour.
I made the tag by sticking some red wrapping paper to a bit of spare card, and then cutting out and applying a small detail of the wallpaper pattern with ordinary prittstick. As the wallpaper is quite thick you can cut out quite intricate patterns without the paper ripping or becoming too fragile to handle.
If you’ve got a bit of time – say, when you’re relaxing watching the telly in the evening – you can use this decorative idea for your parcels themselves for a very bespoke look.

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These wraps are decadent!

~ Gabriela ~


Really lovely!


Those colors, the textures: gorgeous!

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