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This morning, we are kicking off a brand new giveaway with artist Renee Anne. We are giving away this original 4 x 4 inch watercolor painting, which is actually quite special, because it was painted exclusively for papernstitch. How lucky are we? And retails for $20. The bird was painted from Renee’s own photographs from her front yard in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

And because Renee has not yet named this painting, she has decided to let you all name it for her. The winning title will receive the original painting. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are all the details on how to enter”¦

Title this work of art. Come up with a name for this, currently, nameless 4 x 4 bird painting and include it in the comments below. You may enter up to two times. Each entry should include a different, possible title.

*Giveaway will end on Monday, September 20th at 11:59 pm eastern.*

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What a beautiful piece of art! I would name it something like: he waits by my window

Traveling Mama

“Warbles and Tweets”

Snave Anirt

Very pretty, love the colors! How about “Summer Day”.


“a little bird told me…”


Great watercolor! He stands so proud. I think you could name this painting:

Mr. Pecking Serious.

Michelle Couture

Rennee’s Gold

Anne Smith

I think ‘Regal Whispers’ is fitting. Cheers!

Heather S

Such a nice giveaway. I would name it “fÃ¥gel” (bird in swedish)…


Henry’s Profile


Great piece of colors and art…I would name it…”The Golden Gaze”

Armand Bouffard

Love it! I was thinking about this little guy while I was vacuuming and the name Grayson came to me 🙂


Sunshine tweet is what I would call it. It is a happy bird!


I absolutely love this painting. Looks just like the little guy in my backyard tree. I would call him “Precious Tweeter”

Gramma T.

I generally like giving photos of animals or other creatures person names. I’d go with Cooper for this one. He seems like a Cooper to me. :]


Square Amarillo!

Love it!


My other idea would be Beak of the Finch. (Darwinian reference. :))


I’d name it – Peck a Boo


I’d name it – ‘Mimpi Burung’
which is Malay and translates to ‘Dreams of Bird’


I’d name it – Peck a Boo


yellow bird

adelle grivas

“Jubilee’s Cousin” (my bird is named Jubilee and is blue!)


or “Dawn”


This is a beautiful watercolour! This came to mind when I looked at this wonderful painting! “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


What a little cutie! I would name the painting “Goldfinch Blues”.


Jilguero (which is Goldfinch in Spanish) 🙂

Gloria Mercado-Martin

Maya the Yellow Finch



Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Colonel Mustard

Amy Wing

Sir Pretty Boy

Amy Wing

My title would be “The Pensive Ponderer”

Beautiful artwork, great contest 😉


Cornelius. =)


yellow messenger.


hearted herald-er

Alicia Law

‘I am a much more than cute little bird’

Carole Smith

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“Big Kiss”

It’s a play on word with the French name of this bird, “gros bec” which means “big beak” but can also be translated “big kiss”.

I love birds and I haven’t seen this kind of bird since I was little ;o(

[email protected]


“Gold in Earnest”


Cute! He’s very serious looking. Maybe




How lovely! I would call it ‘They call me mellow yellow’


I would name it “frolic”

Jessica Tuitt

“A Bird in the Hand”

Jay Koyle

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it’s my first ever blog giveaway win! thank you!


[…] my title among 40 others! & soon I’ll get to frame and hang this one in our home. I read Paper N Stitch fairly frequently but rarely enter any blog giveaways . Figure the chances are too small. But this […]

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