Room by Room – The Modern Baby’s Room

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/06/2021

This week on Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks, we address a room that has a short life, but one that can be very formative in terms of cultivating a modern sensibility, the Modern Baby’s Room.
Room by Room - Baby 01
Although many new parents pick a character theme for their new baby’s room, there are many modern handmade goods available to create a clean, colorful and stylish space. Remember that as long as you keep the lines simple and the colors winnowed down to a basic few, you can easily create a mentally stimulating and upscale looking room without resorting to the matchy-matchy feel marketed by larger chain baby stores.
Room by Room - Baby 02
You walk into your new baby’s room. Naptime is almost over. You gaze at that sweet little face lying on a graphic turtle quilt that lies in a handmade birch crib. As a small cry appears upon waking, you nestle your sweet child into a shaped swaddling pocket. Distracting the darting eyes with a smooth wooden rattle, you sing the ABC song to restore quiet. Checking the retro-inspired wall clock, you set into the afternoon’s routine.

Join me next week as we take a look at the Modern Outdoors.

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I just saw that you included a piece from today’s shop of the day in this post: Little Alouette. Lovely! And look at that crib- quite nice.


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FormFire Glassworks : The Modern Baby’s Room
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