Room by Room – the Jacobsen Egg

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/06/2021


This week, Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes a look at an icon of modern architecture and furniture design, the Egg by Arne Jacobsen.

From time to time, I flirt with the ideas of minimalism. Not a cold, scientific minimalism, but one in which items are paired down to a limited number, and that each piece brings something critical to the table in terms of use, joy and beauty. This brought me to the thought of a single chair. Not one that you want a set of, just one that is so strong in its personality that one can anchor an entire room. Designed in 1958, the Egg is such a chair. Although it was originally designed to be used in groups for the SAS Royal Hotel in Denmark, the Egg is the perfect conversation piece. Available through The Republic of Fritz Hansen in leather and fabric options, this is a pricey piece that will last a lifetime. Its sinuous lines and body-enveloping shape take a very striking piece and imbue it with some softening feminine qualities.

This strength of form requires that items paired with it be strong and geometric as well. An op-art wall hanging gets a warmer twist when made as a quilt, while a handmade painted bowl references the circular patterns. Strong graphics for a set of cards echo the color and design of the chair. A handmade chalkboard is simple in its layout, and adds some depth and personality to the selections. A ceramic egg hearkens back to the chair’s name, and reminds us to strive to be our best.

Next week I will choose a new iconic piece and give you my picks for accessorizing your modern home.

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FormFire Glassworks : Room by Room - the Jacobsen Egg

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