Room by Room – The Modern Bath

Last week’s visit to the Modern Home Office showed that utility doesn’t have to sacrifice style. This week’s Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes us to the Modern Bath, yet another stylish and functional space.
Room by Room - Bath 01
There are two basic directions you can take in designing and accessorizing your modern bathroom: serene and sophisticated or fun and invigorating. The first has a bit more of a hotel/spa feel with neutral tones and natural materials. A more uplifting and perhaps more personal direction is to create a space that is simple in line and idea, but incorporates some fun touches in terms of objects and color.
Room by Room - Bath 02
You walk into the guest bath and are immediately drawn to the zebrawood vanity, its visual texture kept in check by simple lines and a neutral palette. Atop the counter sits a handpainted soapdish in citrusy tones accented by the small lime wedge soaps perched there. A luxurious handwoven chenille towel site beside the sink, breaking up the long line of the countertop. Continuing into the separate shower and toilet area, you see more towels hung on a towel bar that has a printed background graphic pattern. As you reach into the linen closet, your hands touch the tumbled beach glass knobs on the cabinet. Time for a quick rinse.

Join me next week as we take a look at the Modern Baby’s Room.

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hmm. really like it 🙂


Beach glass knobs? Beautiful. I would like to replace some the knobs in my new place. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brittany Noel

Oh my Amy! I am loving that vanity and soap dish. And hand-painted? Even better. Great post!


LOVE it!!!


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FormFire Glassworks : The Modern Bath
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