Room by Room – The Modern Bedroom

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/06/2021

This week Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes you out of the fun zone of the Family Room and into relaxation central – the Modern Bedroom. Room by Room - Bedroom 01

The modern bedroom is a place of sanctuary, a place of privacy. We do spend a good portion of our lives here, and the quality of our sleep can be affected by our bedroom surroundings, so I prefer to shift from a retro palette to one that is a bit more restful to the eye. My favorite combination is a large array of neutrals in whites and beiges to browns accented by lilac, which gives a splash of color, yet still retains a modern edge. Again, lines here are clean and simple – harsh edges take away from the tranquil qualities you want to achieve. Light blues also work well in a similar fashion. To tie this room in with the other rooms of your Modern Home, try picking a neutral palette that moves from room to room, and change up the color accents to suit the space and your mood.

Room by Room - Bedroom 02

You walk into the bedroom after a long day. After kicking off your shoes and getting ready for some quiet reading before you doze off, you dig your toes into a soft yet textured rug. You can smell the scent of flowers floating in a stunning glass bowl with a deep-toned rim that offsets the beautiful white blossoms. As you walk around to the side of the bed, you pick up a carved stone that is at once a combination of modern graphic and natural form, touching the indentations. You slide in, prop your pillow up against the decorated headboard, and flip quickly through a magazine left on the nightstand. You look up at the artwork on the wall that is both dynamic in its overlapping forms, yet peaceful in its coloration. You slip your magazine into the leather holder by the side of the bed as you begin to drift off.

Next week we will explore the flip side of this area – the Modern Kids’ Room.

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Great contrast of textures! I love the carved stones and I want to wake up and put my feet on that shaggy rug!


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FormFire Glassworks : The Modern Bedroom
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