Room by Room – The Modern Dining Room

Our third installment of Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks takes us from the Living Room to another main public space, the Dining Room.


Much like the Living Room, the modern Dining Room is a place for entertainment. Like other spaces in the house, the tone of the dining room can be either light and colorful, following more of a Danish Modern aesthetic, or it can swing the opposite direction and use darker woods and more contrast with dinnerware and accessories for a more formal look. Both styles are equally at home in the modern house, although trying to achieve both within visually connected spaces can be a bit difficult, so it is typically best to choose one look. The dining table can be a bit of a chameleon as well, for once you have decided on a table and chairs, accessories and tableware can be switched out to allow for a variety of looks.


You are hosting a small get together with a few close friends. As you gather around the table, light from a few well-placed votives plays along the polished wood. A single flower springs from a glass vase at the center of the table, intense, yet understated, allowing guests to see each other without difficulty. A graphic platter artfully displays the entrée, while colorful rice bowls wait to be filled. Each guest is treated to a subdued yet youthful piece of modern design as they place a napkin in their lap and await a pleasant meal. After dinner and a bit of a chat, they join in a cup of coffee with cream and sugar to finish off a lovely evening.

Join me next week as we explore the center of daily life in the modern home – the Kitchen.

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I love that tray with the branches on it. I wish I had a dining room!

Brittany Noel

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I love those rice bowls!

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