Room by Room – The Modern Family Room

This week on Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks, we move from the first step of semi-private space in the home, the kitchen, into the first more private location, the Family Room.

Room by Room - The Modern Family Room 01

Although the Family Room is by no means as sacrosanct as a bedroom in terms of privacy (we do allow close friends and even minor acquaintances in), this area is the space to let your hair down. But just because this room is not the public face of the modern house doesn’t mean that you should let all style fall by the wayside. The Modern Family Room is a place for fun and family. It is often the center for TV watching and movie nights; a place for kids to play on the ground with toys or just relax in a chair with a good book; the location of family game night and friendly poker games.

Room by Room  - The Modern Family Room 02

The informality of the kitchen area seeps into the Family Room. You are reminded of games and fun with a vinyl wall decal that sets the mood. The unconventional shelving unit is packed with board games, books, movies and fun toys. You sit in a rocking chair that is so far from that of your grandmother that it makes you snicker. The teens flop around on floor cushions while you grab a bowl of popcorn, and the little ones play with their toys on a fabulous rug full of built-in fun!

Join me next week as we enter the Modern Bedroom.

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This is great! Now, writing a review on my blog about it!


YAY!!! thank you so much for including our Game On wall graphic in your terrific selections. We are delighted to get a mention!
Cheers, Elly Nelly

Elaine & Nell Oliver

Great post, Amy! Laure Kasiers’ textile rugs are fantastic. This one has that perfect topo map aura. :~)


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FormFire Glassworks : The Modern Family Room - Room by Room

Wonderful post! I love that floor cushion. And the thought of kids playing on that rug is wonderful, they would have so much fuel for stories.

Brittany Noel

I always look forward to your posts Amy. I especially love the chair and fun rug!

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