Room by Room – The Modern Foyer

Hey everyone! Amy of FormFire Glassworks here for my very first guest post on papernstitch. I’ll be writing a weekly feature called Room by Room. Each week, I will be picking a room in the house and choose modern handmade that would be perfect for the space. I hope you enjoy it!


Outfitting your life in a modern style requires great attention to detail, and at the very least making a conscious decision to break from it for a sentimental or much-beloved piece. Each area of your home is a chance to bring in a bit of geometry, color, simple form and well-designed beauty.


The entry or foyer is a visitor’s first view of your home. This is your opportunity to make a visual statement and apprise guests of your modern aesthetic. As you walk through the front door, your feet hit the felt rug that brings texture and warmth to a bare floor. You hang your coat on a rack that brings in a splash of color without being overwhelming. You place your modern clutch down on the waiting bench that evokes a Japanese feel yet fits perfectly with its simple lines and detailed joinery. A vase brings intimacy to the foyer, waiting to be filled with fresh flowers from the garden or farmer’s market, and geometric artwork hangs on the wall, filling out an inviting color palette.


Join me next week as we travel through the modern living room.

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This website looks great and reads even better! You share some great opinions and insight here. Always looking for motivating blogs to keep mine going!

Damascus Cutlery

great designer

Dolce and Bannana

Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

flower bouquet

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This collection here has such appeal, so simple and striking. Great post, Amy… look forward to more! :~)


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Well done, I especially love the bench. Can’t wait for the living room!


These are all great picks, Amy! So happy to see your first regular blog post. 🙂


If my foyer looked that good, I would never leave the house! The geometric prints remind me so much of some gorgeous lampwork beads I purchased a long time, made by Michal Silberberg


Love the coat rack but everything is cool!! Great place to start- the foyer!


Congrats on your first article Amy…Love the article…I will be one of your weekly followers…I never thought of my Foyer as such an important part of my home…I’m going to really LOOK at it and see what I can do to make it “special”…Thanks…


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