Room by Room – the Modern Home Office

This week on Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks, we venture out of the kid’s room and into a space that is becoming more and more common – the Modern Home Office.

Room by Room - Office 01

There has been a distinct rise in the use of a room or alcove in modern houses to accommodate those people either working from home full or part-time as well as those running a home-based business. But needing an office space in the home does not mean that you must replicate the stereotypical cubicle feel as part of your household. Not only do office supply stores and online merchants carry a greater variety of colorful files and folders, but furniture makers are also creating innovative desks and cabinetry that feel as warm and comfortable as the furnishings in the rest of the house. Remember that somewhere that we have to spend time in should have items that brighten your work time and lighten the load.

Room by Room - Office 02

You sit down to work on the computer and are immediately drawn to the fun design of the mousepad. This is not a stuffy office space, but one that is light and relaxed. You turn the printed desk calendar at the corner to a new month, and peruse the stacks of papers held together by a set of day of the week clips. Needing a rubber band, you turn to a set of felted bowls that help remind you that this is in fact a home. Finishing your paperwork, you put completed items away in a decorative file organizer. Before getting up, you spend a moment rearranging the two-piece sculpture on your desk that brings a bit of the outside in. The home office needs executive toys too, you know.

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I have been drooling over those felted bowls for a year now!!!

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