Room by Room – The Modern Kitchen

It’s time for another installment of Room by Room with FormFire Glassworks. Today we are shifting gears from the eating of food to the preparation of food as we enter the Modern Kitchen.


The Modern Kitchen

The Kitchen is the true center of the modern home.

Not only is it the location from which a family draws its sustenance, but it has become a center of activity for family and friends, as more kitchens are designed with guests in mind.

From a peninsula bar adjoining the cooking area to in-room seating areas, the kitchen is no longer set off from the rest of our public space.

As we create a meal, family and friends are milling about, chatting and laughing.

Because of this, kitchen design and decoration has become an integral part of the modern home.

Unless you have a more formal look to your house, the kitchen is a perfect place for a little retro fun.

Think bright cheery colors and strong graphics.


You walk into the kitchen and spy a bowl of fruit sitting at the corner of the counter, set back against the wall.

A bright and cheery clock on the wall above lets you know you have time to relax and make a dessert for tomorrow’s get-together.

You pull out a set of recipe cards that perfectly complements the color and mood of your kitchen, and set about making a pile of cupcakes, which you carefully place on a pristine white cake stand to complete the presentation.

You put away the print apron you have been wearing, and check the calendar held to the side of the refrigerator by magnets in a mod graphic.

You have 25 minutes left to pick up the kids from practice.

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FormFire Glassworks : Kitchen, Modern style

I have those recipe cards and I absolutely *love* them.

Cool stuff!

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